good headshots vs bad headshots

Good Headshots vs Bad Headshots | What is the main Different?

The headshot is a very important photo for professionals in the creative industry. It is essential for actors, actresses, models, newscasters and musicians too! We understand the importance of having a great headshot. We often advise that it should represent your brand in the most convincing way possible. That’s because clients, agents, or employers will examine your headshot before considering you for a role. To this effect, it is important to know the difference between good headshots vs. bad headshots. We have explained this difference below for you.

Characteristics of Good Headshots

You are the brand

When taking a headshot, it is important to make sure that it captures your brand perfectly. At FixiPixi, we advise that you stay authentic throughout the process of taking a headshot. Doing so will bring out your brand to the employer, agent, or agency in a recognizable way. Feel free to include any accessories or clothing that help to communicate your brand. Express yourself confidently through facial expressions when taking the headshot. Abiding by these tips will help you to take a headshot that represents your brand.

Good Headshots


The target client is always in mind

When taking a headshot, your target client should always be in mind. Pose or dress in a way that communicates directly to your target client. Let them see that you are the right fit for the role by relating positively with every aspect of your headshot. In this way, let the need of your target client be the guiding light for your headshot.

It authentically represents you

Some people apply makeup, fake hair, or designer clothing when taking their headshots. From years of experience with headshots at FixiPixi, do not follow this path. Present yourself as originally as possible. Look as you would on a regular day. Keep makeup to a minimum and wear your normal day to day clothes. In this way, you will be recognizable to the agency, casting director, or employer when you walk into the interview room because you’ll look exactly like your headshot. Be authentic throughout the process for a good headshot.

good headshots vs bad headshots
Good Headshots Example

The headshot is taken in a well-lit location

It is critically important that your headshot be as clear as possible. Make sure that your headshot is taken in a well-lit location. Ensure that the professional photographer taking your headshot applies the best ISO setting on their camera. Taking this step will ensure that your image is clear and free of any grains. You must be recognizable and visible in every headshot that you take. As such, the headshot must be well-lit.

Your facial expression and smile are comfortable

You may be taking a headshot for a specific role or modeling shoot. In such a case, there could be a requirement to fit a particular theme into your headshot. Do not bow to the pressure to make a facial expression that fits within the theme. Instead, pick an expression that is authentically you. Look as you would on a regular, happy day when taking the headshot.

Characteristics of Bad Headshots

You appear intimidating

When taking a headshot, you might decide to scowl or have a poker face. You may not be smiling, or you’re staring too much at the viewer. You may have a sinister expression or have your hair styled weirdly. An intimidating headshot is always considered to be bad. Therefore, avoid presenting yourself in an intimidating way.

You have spectacles on

You may take a headshot with your spectacles on. Nowadays, there are numerous styles of eyeglasses, and you could have a very trendy one. Unfortunately, this negatively affects your headshot. Do not wear any eyeglasses when taking a headshot. Also, remember to smile. Do not take your headshot with tight lips and a blank appearance. Instead, express yourself through the headshot in a warm, inviting way.

It is taken using a smartphone selfie camera

The latest smartphone models have high-performance selfie cameras that can be used to take headshots at home, in the office, or anywhere else. Do not be tempted to use your smartphone camera to take your headshot. Instead, approach us at FixiPixi to retouching your headshot photo.

There are distractions in the background

The focus of your headshot needs to be on you. The background should never be more interesting than the foreground. From this perspective, it can become troublesome if you’re taking the headshot in a crowded room, on the street, or a busy staircase. Make sure that there are no distractions in the background of your headshot. If possible, get a clean, white background and then take your headshot in front of it.

You appear mysterious

You may take your headshot in such a way that it is challenging to understand your intentions clearly. Your dress mode may be too dark, your hairstyle could be strange, and you could be hiding behind sunglasses. Appearing in this way makes you mysterious and does not promote the quality of your headshot. Instead, strive to be open, clearly visible, and happy in your headshot to avoid mystery in your headshot.

You don’t appear neat

We take headshots to present ourselves in the most professional way possible. Any costumes, dirty linen, and shaggy hair are not acceptable in your headshot. With this in mind, it is essential to appear as neat as possible. Make an effort to look tidy for your headshot. Groom yourself by getting a haircut and wear pressed clean clothing.


A headshot is an essential asset when seeking a job, role, modeling contract, or position in the creative industry. You can take a good headshot or a bad headshot depending on your approach to this activity. At FixiPixi, we understand the necessary process. We’ve also explained the features of good and bad headshots above for you. Carefully review our recommendations so that you can approach your next headshot confidently!

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