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About FixiPixi

FixiPixi is an offshore photo editing company with more than 25+ Photoshop DTP professionals. We are a Canadian based photo editing online service provider. We have 5+ years of experience in photo editing service. We have become one of the growing photo editing company.

We are working with the recognized graphics design agencies, product photographer, e-commerce site. Our in-depth knowledge. 5+ years of experience and production scalability in professional image retouching, So we can assure you to provide world-class service.

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We offer a free trial service, so before ordering, you can see our work quality. We have a dedicated customer support team. They are always ready to provide you the best quality service.

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How it work?


Request a quote / free trial for the images you need edited.


Receive an email with your quote in 1 hour or less.


Collaborate with each other and move forward with your project.


Get your images in as your requirement.


Sell lots of products and make your clients happy!


Clipping Path

Increase sales with images that standout.


Enhance Your look, enhance your demand.

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Attractive image, Good Sale!

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Color Matching

Make your images more realistic and vivid.

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Real State

Give your homes the attention they deserve.

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Cost-effective way to promote your products.

Nowadays e-commerce sites change their production and distribution of their products and services by simply editing images. It is not possible for traders to make this possible alone. Here they need an outsourced photo editor. If they outsource their photo editing, it will help them to save time, money and total stress during the day. We have identified 6 valuable reasons behind why you should hire a professional outsource photo editing service.


Fast Delivery

Data Security

24h Support

Best Quality

No Advance

It will save your time

Whether as an entrepreneur or as a photographer, you may not have enough time to edit photos. Because the image can able to create a positive reflection of products, so you need to utilize each image expertly. If you schedule editing time from your busy days, your editing may not work to captivate audience reaction. Outsource bulk image editing services providers will do it for you by saving your time prominently.

It will help to increase revenue:

As you begin to grow or optimize your business, you can look for ways to increase your revenue. Finding ways to achieve this when your workload is piloting can be difficult. Here, you can hire the best image editing service at affordable prices. After that, when you remove items from your list, you can spend more time looking for ways to increase revenue.

Professionalism does matter:

You should trust professional editing services that specialize in photography editing when you outsource any photography editing to a specialist. Because a photo editing company do lots of thing such as highlighting, culling, exposure, skin retouching, cropping, compressing images, etc. and will give you incredible editing photography that will overcome your expectations.

get free time to enjoy life:

You spend every hour of your business away from personal things you like, no matter how much you love what you do. If you're stuck in your computer working countless hours on every wedding day, you're at risk of missing out on life events; soccer games, concerts, vacations with your family, and dinner with your special one.

Focus on the important task:

As a photographer, when you outsource photo editing to an online professional photo editing service, you can focus on the most important tasks that will help your photography business to grow. Additionally, for a non-photographer, you can look for more personal time and dedicate your creativity to core business activities.

You shouldn’t do it all alone:

The reality is that you can't do everything alone what you need to run, grow and maintain your personal business. The task list you have as a business owner is endless, and there isn't enough time to do it all alone. So there is no option other than the image editing service provider.

The photo editing services Canada is as advanced as the country itself. It has several branches, for example, photojournalism and studio photography, wedding re-enactments and nude photo restoration for Canadian photographers. There are numerous studios, image manipulation services, various techniques, and programs in every state.

If we look over Toronto, there are obviously professional shooters who are considered versatile specialists; they stand out from the shakes and meet the needs of their customers. They can create awesome images that their clients think of them as contradictory passions. So you can choose Toronto based retoucher from this large number of Canadian photographers. Recently, the Photo editing service Toronto has gained high status and recognition and has received considerable public support.

Currently, the photography industry has become more and more popular in all levels of modern Canadian society. In fact, it is associated with all the important and key moments of life: birthdays, graduation ceremonies, weddings, wedding vacations and more. Photographing stunning views, picturesque nature and even some simple things or interesting moments is a favorite of many.

Toronto Based Retoucher
Our Core Strengths

Founded in 2015

We established our FixiPixi photo editing company in 2015 and we've gained vast experience in over 5 years. That is why we understand what type of retouching is best for you.

12/h Turnaround

We value our clients’ time and we deliver the images as soon as possible.

1M+ Images

Our retoucher completed 1M+ images as our client requirements.

2 Offices

We are a Canadian based photo retouching company, and our production office is in Bangladesh.

Friendly Communication

Chat directly with our retouching expert and photo quality engineer.

Adaptation to your timezone

We’ll adapt to your schedule, wherever you are, worldwide, whether you’re in Australia or the USA, or anywhere in between

Free Revisions

If you do not like the photo retouching quality we offer free unlimited revisions.

How FixiPixi is different from other image editing companies

As we all know, numerous image editing companies are arising from daily posing competition amongst already existing companies. But then, they will never be the same. For the FixiPixi image editing company, it’s known to be one of the best and unique companies in the photo editing industry.

Affordable Cost

FixiPixi photo retouching company is popularly known to offer the best image editing services at a reasonable and much friendly price as compared to other companies. To be specific, they charge only $0.29 for a single image edited. This price is much lower since other companies. Charges from $1 to $5 for editing a single photo. Besides, the photo quality is adorable and of great value. With this photo retouching service company, you are guaranteed to spend less and save more to edit your photos as compared to other companies.

Best Quality Service

FixiPixi is a professional photo editing service provider comprising a  team of workers who have 6+ years of experience in professional image editing services. They are all conversant with all the photo editing techniques working in a conducive environment to serve clients in the best way possible. In addition, it comprises of highly qualified staff members who use the latest software appliances to ensure that images are professionally edited as per the client’s demands.

Timely Delivery

Fast delivery of quality photos edited by an image editing company is what all clients want. This will help them plan for their activities and projects or sales appropriately in a much faster way. FixiPixi is on the front line to immediately start working on an order placed by its customers. Its staff ensures high-quality photo editing service is provided, delivering the photos not later than the agreed time. With FixiPixi, you will never get disappointed when it comes to the delivery of services.

Photo/Data security

Other image editing companies face problems in securing client’s data. Photos of customers are used and shared for other purposes as well as lost to hackers. Well, the FixiPixi ensures all-time protection of customer’s work from unauthorized personnel or hackers. Their systems are highly safeguarded, protecting their customer’s photos provided for editing. With this fantastic and highly protected company, you are 100% assured that images or photos sent for editing services are secured. Also, the client’s photos will never be used for any other purposes other than editing.

All services in one umbrella

We are known to offer a comprehensive range of image retouching services for our customers to choose whichever the service they want. The services offered range from portrait retouching, product photo retouching, wrinkle and acne retouching, jewelry, wedding photo retouching, including other many services. For this reason, all types of images are edited accordingly to perfection.

Outsource facility

FixiPixi is known best for offering outsourcing photo retouching services in the image editing industry. It acquires bulky photos from other companies and customers to edit them on their behalf, delivering them faster and at an affordable price. It does all the retouching services as desired by the customers giving high-quality edited photos. This much help to save its customer’s time appropriately.

Choose Us

We offer cheap photo editing services. We have 5-year experience in the industry, therefore, we are very conversant with all photo editing technics and our working environment is good allowing us to serve you best.

Fast Service

We ensure delivery of our services in good time. Always not later than the agreed time limit. It’s fast delivery of high-quality photo editing services. Therefore you can be prepared for zero percent disappointments when it comes to delivery of our services.

Affordable Pricing

We offer high-quality services at an affordable price. Our prices starting at just $0.29 USD/image. Either whole sale photo editing or retail photo editing our prices are always friendly and considerable. Therefore be guaranteed of spending less and saving more through choosing our services.

High-quality images

We offer very high quality image editing services. We have a team of proficient editors who use the latest software applications to ensure provision of professional edited images at all time. We have mastered the very best technics of editing photos. Get the best from us that will make you stand out from the rest and claim your ground.

Don’t Believe Any Commercial Brags. You Be The Judge.

Why FixiPixi

We are a Canadian based photo editing company with 6+ years of experience in the photoshop industry. We have been providing numerous clients with top-quality service at affordable rates for years and our client base is full of extremely satisfied customers. Our support office is situated in Toronto, Canada with a production office in Khulna, Bangladesh.

Our staff is made up of highly qualified and experienced photo editing experts who are capable of interpreting all your desire image editing. Our production facility is based on a low worker cost region which enables us to offer the best prices for our services. We will never compromise the quality of our work because we value customer satisfaction above all else. Our clients are our most valued assets and we always treat them with the utmost care and respect.


At FixiPixi, we offer FREE Trial so that you can check out the quality of our work. Our team of qualified are always on hand to discuss your business requirements and will readily provide expert advice towards helping you. achieve your business goals. We are always looking to build a long-term working relationship with our clients so you can be assured that we will provide you with only the best services and experience. Contact us today and get a professional on your work with timely delivery assured!

Customers reviews

I was looking for a photography retouching service provider, which was quite affordable but gives quality services. I was recommended to try FixiPixi, and to my surprise, it’s the best photo editing company ever to use for editing my photographs. It's cheap, reliable, and super fast to work on your project.
Luna M.
Photography Agency
FixiPixi offers the best photo retouching services at affordable prices…To be honest, it’s the cheapest of all. With only a $0.29 charge per image, you surely won't be limited by budget. Photos are of high quality and edited as per your desires. It's 100% safe and faster delivery.
FixiPixi Happy Customer
Mila Kunis
FixiPixi Happy Customer
When we first start working together, I had to repeat and explain what I need, but now everything flows well. Your retouching service is really efficient, you always deliver our photos in the delay that we asked. Plus, you’re always flexible if we have a last-minute request and I really appreciated it. I worked in a domain that everything changes quickly so it’s important for us to work with people that can follow us.
We love working long term with our partners, he would be great if we could have a special rate since we are sending you an image every week.

Karen Brown

Editorial Director

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