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Photos serve the role of showcasing your preserved past experiences and memories. They help in taking you back to those days and remind you of a lot of things. In most cases, no matter how hard you keep your precious photos safe, they will get dull or creases due to improper storage or mishandling.  With FixiPixi, you will get the best old photo restoration service. Your old but special memories are perfected to an original and fresh one.

Restore Your Memory Using Photo Restoration Service

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A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.

Old Damage Photo Restoration

Our All Photo Restoration Service

Black & White Image Restoration

Black and white photographs can be victims of stains, scratches, fading, or ravages over time. Restoring such images is often a difficult task and time-consuming. As a result, they need high levels of expertise and appropriate software. With FixiPixi photo retouching services, your black and white photos are restored to perfection. Our team comprises professionals with six-plus years of experience and skills in black and white restoration services.

Vintage Photo Restoration

High quality and unique moment photos that are extremely important, like any other images, can be destroyed adverse weather conditions, scratches, stains, or fading. This may be due to improper storage, care, or display of vintage photos. FixiPixi offers you the best and high-quality antique photo restoration at an affordable price. No matter how your old photograph is damaged, our skillful experts handle all kinds of photos, giving them a new life.

Old Damage Photo Restoration

While photographs help to evoke warm memories of your past with friends or family members, damaging becomes a limiting factor to the enjoyment of viewing such photos over time. They get creased, cracks, fade their color, or catch stains. FixiPixi offers the best damage to photo restoration service. We incorporate and utilize the best latest technologies, including software tools, to clear up such damages. With FixiPixi, you can expect to get great and high-quality photos restored from all kinds of havoc.

Black & White Photo Colorize

Need to enhance, modify, or add your preferred color to your black and white photographs? No more worries! FixiPixi does all the job for you ensuring that a new life is brought to your old image by comprising it. We have specialized and upgraded software tools that provide high-resolution and a variety of colors to your photos. Besides, our professionals and experts ensure that plausible photos are provided as per your desires.

Simple Old Photo Restoration

FixiPixi provides you with the best essential old photo restoration services at an affordable cost. This service aids in eliminating minor damages such as scratches, stains, dust, spots, and stripes from your old photo. Removing wrinkles, minor flaws, and repairing blurred photos is made possible and faster than ever. Also, color correction can be efficiently done by our dedicated team of professionals. By offering this service, we charge as little as $0.89 on a basic plan subscription.

Premium Photo Restoration

While we fix old photos with minor damages, we as well restore photos with significant complications and damages. Your precious images may be destroyed beyond repair as a result of floods, stains, or scratches. But with the experienced team professionals and experts and with the help of our latest software tools, that becomes an easy task. Not forgetting that offering this most comprehends comprehensive photo restoration service, we only charge up to $2.49 for the advanced subscription plan.

Faded Colors

It is a somewhat unavoidable problem even if the pictures are stored well. The color is going to fade after some time. Image restoration service will be able to take care of this issue as well. The service is going to analyze the photo and compare the color saturation between its various sectors. It will restore the color of the picture’s faded sections by comparing the saturation of colors and applying the needed amount of hue accordingly.


As a result of mishandling or improper storage, pictures often tend to develop some deep creases. Once the photo has been scanned, the photo restoration service will identify the creases and restore the image. Removal of creases usually requires a considerable amount of time, not to mention that it is also a bit tedious

Color Restoration

it would be great if your old photos or damaged photos to see them in their original state where colors are lively and joyful to watch. With this service, you can restore any photo’s color effectively and at an affordable cost.

Restore Your Valuable Memory

Best Photo Restoration Service​

Photographs are like windows to your past. They let you see and go back to bygone times. They preserve memories of your life’s most unforgettable moments and occasions. They let you relive things that are no longer there even after many years have passed. However, with the passing of time, your precious photos can get dull to age, or there could be creases as the result of improper storage and mishandling. This is where photo restoration comes in handy. With the help of the best photo restoration service, your old photos can now be restored to their original state as if time didn’t pass at all, and the special memories remain frozen in perfection.

Old photo restoration service

Restore Your Old Photos & Go Back Your Old Memories

Photo or image restoration service is a process that aims to get rid of imperfections from pictures. First, the photos are scanned while its digital copy is saved on a computer. With quality photo restoration service, the imperfections are then gradually removed from the digital version. Some of the most common imperfections which can be easily removed through a photo restoration service include the following:

Why You Should Choose FixiPixi

FixiPixi company is highly thriving in the photo editing industry day after day, attracting a large number of customers. It is increasingly known to offer clients the best digital photo restoration services with high levels of efficiency and reliability. Besides, our photo restoration services are incredibly affordable and on a timely basis. Other benefits you will get using our old photo restoration services include:

High-Quality Service​

We have the latest software and we have expert photo restoration expert that ensures excellent and high-quality photos are provided to our customers. Old pictures with all levels of difficulties are restored to perfection, giving them new vitality. Each restoration process is done ultimately to deliver the best quality photos to our customers.

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer inquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data, and customer feedback.

Fast delivery of services

Our team of professionals begins to work on your photos as soon as you place your order. Basing on the complexity of the picture, we strive to ensure we meet our deadlines as agreed with our clients. For instance, we restore photos with minor damages and deliver them within hours. In the case where the photo is severely damaged or complex to repair, we only take up to 24-hours to complete the process and submit them.

All Services Under One Umbrella

We offer a variety of photo restoration services ranging from black and white inmate restoration, vintage, damaged photos restoration, colorization, to premium photo restoration services. Also, we provided all types of photo retouching, clipping path, real estate, e-commerce, and many types of service. This means that you can select what service we should offer you.

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How Much Does Photo Restoration Cost?

FixiPixi offers you the best image restoration services at pocket-friendly prices. Right from our basic plan that charges only $0.89, images with minor damages such as scratches, few spots or stains, and minimal fading are restored to their original texture and appearance.

For the moderate membership plan, we charge only $1.49. This plan caters for photos with mild damages like removing flaws on the face, slight scratches, and repair small missing parts. We also do portrait restoration if the photo is significantly damaged.

We charge  $2.49 for the advanced membership plan. This plan covers the repair of the extremely damaged photo, which require advanced levels of expertise and skills. The services here include fixing missing parts, great faded photos, removing severe scratches, or imperfections on photos.

As a result, we offer the cheapest image restoration service than most photo-shops in the image editing industry.

Why FixiPixi’s Prices Are Lower Than Other Photo Editing Companies?

FixiPixi exceptionally offers quality and affordable photo restoration services than most image editors. We always have our customers in mind and strive to provide them with the services they need to cater to a broader range of limited budgets. Others may say that it is a competition coping strategy, but that’s not our goal.

Our experts and professionals use the latest photo retouching software tools that simplify and fasten the old photo restoration process. As a result, the delivery of photos is done faster within just hours of working on them. Therefore, we always intend to charge lower but reasonable prices for the services we render to our customers.

Why Should You Choose A Canadian Based Restoration Service?

FixiPixi is Canadian based photo retouching company situated in Ottawa. This photo restoration service is as advanced as the country itself. It has varied lines of image restoration including vintage photo restoration, black and white, photo colorization, Walgreens photo restoration including many more.

In Canada, there are specialists with more years of experience in photo restoration services. Besides, technological advancements in this service line are way too far ahead assuring you the best quality and professional restoration services. Most photo-shops are based in Canada and offer timely services at affordable prices.

How We Fix Old Photo 

  • Uploading of Old to Our Platform

The very first step begins with our clients uploading their old photos that require our restoration service. For our new customers, we offer them a free quote with which we can carry out the old photo restoration free of charge.

You can upload any type of photo resolutions and format like JPEG, PNG just to name a few. By doing so, we receive your order immediately. Not forgetting that at this stage, customers can provide additional information on how they want their photos to look like including what should be added or subjected.

  • Scanning of the Photos Uploaded

Once we receive your order and instructions, we start the damaged photo restoration. With our powerful scanning and software equipment, we determine the complexity of your old photo(s). By doing this, we are able to assess the photos, and then assign them to our specific experts specialized in different areas of digital photo restoration.

  • Picking out different components for the restoration process

What follows next is our experts start figuring out what parts are missing or damaged and try to understand which piece should be where. This process might be a bit complex in the case of seriously damaged photographs. Our experts utilize the best quality software that helps in assembling and configuring the photos and add the appropriate effects to perfection.

  • Reviewing And Delivering Photos

After the restoration process, photos are re-edited and thoroughly checked by our highly qualified editors. They ascertain that the photos have been correctly and perfectly restored, and specifications by customers are met. Thereafter, they are safely stored and delivered to our customers so that they can download them.

Ways to Select the Right Professional for Your Photo Restoration Service Needs

You may consider a lot of factors while selecting the right professional for your needed photo restoration service. Even if several people will recommend you to choose the DIY approach, yet the best advice is to do it by yourself only if you’re training or experimenting. If you’re working on an old photo of your parents or family, never experiment with it. You could mess things up and although you don’t, you might not also achieve the results you’ve planned to achieve. Once you do work, you’ll probably have enough time to do photo editing and some stuff yourself.

Know Your Specific Needs

Before you choose an expert for photo restoration service, you should know your needs so you will be able to find the right person for the job. The best professional for photo restoration isn’t the one who can do everything. Best people are the ones who can do best what you want specifically. It’s you who wants whether you like photo enhancement, photo collage or product retouch. Of course, it’s a blessing that you can find a professional who could do all of this with the same service level. Find some comments or reviews from others who have used your preferred professional services and look around.

Take a Look at the Website​

When you’ve researched about the quality of photo restoration service from individuals, browse the website. You’re encouraged to look for photo restoration services over the internet. Take a peek of the different picture available and portfolio on their website. If you think that the pictures on the website were done professionally as well as with attention to every minor detail, you’re getting closer to making a wise decision. After taking a look at their work, know how long it takes them to deliver photos.

Determine the Cost

Another thing that will help you choose the best service provider for photo restoration is by determining the cost being offered by professionals. Like what has mentioned above, you might require product retouch, photo collage or photo enhancement. It implies that the overall cost of work would change depending on the given task. If they’re providing packaged and preplanned details, that isn’t a great idea. You have to take note that the cost of the task must depend on its complexity and neatness of results. Upload sample pictures on the site and get results in email for you to see the quality of work that you should expect once the project is done.

Customers Reviews
Good Headshots

Amanda Lee


FixiPixi so far is the best and provides professional photo restoration services at incredibly cheap prices. I love the way photos are restored to perfection no matter how severe the photos are damaged. I’m so happy you fixed my completely damaged old photos of my beloved parents and you breathe new life in them. No more worries about reviving old or damaged photos at a reliable charge.”

Donald Lerry

Business man

“FixiPixi is my number one best photo restoration service provider. Its team of experts do the job excellently providing high-quality photos portraying the true nature and warm memories of the past. Your membership plans are ultimately affordable and cheap. Not forgetting, they do photo restoration faster and deliver them to you in no time. With no doubt, I give it five stars rating!”

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