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A single picture represents a thousand words according to many. This is the reason behind the curated product pictures that e-commerce platforms display on their websites. However, these pictures cannot meet the required standards without taking them through a product photo editing service provider like FixiPixi.

Product photo editing makes your product image more attractive hence increasing the conversion rates. At FixiPixi, we have skilled workers that provide you with the best services that meet your individual needs. Below we will list some of the services that we offer to our esteemed customers and why we are unmatched in this category.

product photo retouching

Why FixiPixi Is Different from Other

ecommerce photo editing

This photo retouching company is exceptional compared to other competitors because of various reasons. As leader in the industry, Fixipixi editing company cares for its customer’s pockets. Its charges are relatively low compared to its competitors. For only $0.49, you will have your single photo edited by the professional workers of Fixipixi photo editing company.

With six years of experience, FixiPixi is unmatched because it offers the best services to its customers. It comprises of a team of professionals with enough expertise in the industry hence its customers will never be disappointed. They use up-to-date software and machines to edit the images to suit every client’s needs.

Another reason that makes FixiPixi different from other companies is that it does not keep its customers waiting. It meets the timelines of its clients and this enables them to earn more trust. The services are delivered promptly and the quality of the images is maintained always.

Moreover, FixiPixi employs highly safeguarded systems that bar any hacker or intruder to access its contents. This ensures that the clients’ data is protected and no manipulations can be done here. This is a problem that other companies have failed to tame.

We offer a myriad of image editing services for our clients. Our services are quality and timely and that is why we gain more customers day-in-day-out. Our company comprises of highly skilled personnel who are conversant of all the techniques of editing so there is no need to worry. Our services range from product photo retouching, jewelry, portrait retouching product photo color change among other services.

Below we will discuss all the services that our company offers to its clients and what they entail. This will ensure that prospective customers can decide which services they need according to their specific needs.


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Our Product Photo Editing Service

Product photo retouching

What attracts the customer’s attention should be something that is done perfectly. In this case, a well-edited product photo meant for e-commerce will intrigue the customer to purchase your product. We are extremely committed to seeing this happen because we can photo retouch any e-commerce product photo and enhance it to meet the required standards.

Product Photo Background Remove

The aesthetic value of an image depends on the photo’s background. Without a proper background setting, even a perfectly taken shot loses the intended attractiveness. We can replace the product photo background with the one that gives your product photo the attractiveness that you desire.

ecommerce photo editing before after

Dust and Object Remove

We are also able to remove objects and dust easily. This makes your image beautiful than what it was. Clients cannot imagine that they are purchasing a dust-filled product because if that is what the product photo shows, they will believe so. Additionally, your product photo should not include other objects that are not meant for your e-commerce services.

furniture image retouching service

Furniture Photo Editing

Furniture pictures that are bright and clear are likely to foster more traffic that leads to high conversion rates on the e-commerce store. At FixiPixi, we have expert furniture photo editing personnel who are talented to improve your product images. Once you give us your photos taken everything is handled quickly to suit your needs.

jewelry retouching (1)

Jewelry Photo Editing

There is a need to showcase your jewelry product photos for potential buyers online. But you need them to look exactly like your product and more attractive. At FixiPixi, our skilled editors can help you in retouching, clipping, and color correction. We are committed to serving our customers in the best way possible.

real estate photo editing before after

Real Estate Photo Editing

We are the leading photo editing service providers who enhance, create and retouch excellent architectural imagery of real estate photos. We use skilled photo editors to produce amazing images of your property photos. Once you share your photos with us, expect nothing other than beautiful images from FixiPixi’s photo editing company.

Invisible Mannequin

FixiPixi photo editing company subject e-commerce product photos as well as garments to our unique ghost mannequin effect. This effect ensures that you do away with the need for a human model that is meant to display your products. Our professional team places the hollow effect which ensures that your product photos achieve the figure that is required.

ecommerce photo editing

Shadow & Reflection

The light reflection makes shadows inevitable on solid objects. However, we offer solutions to this by reimagining such shadows and editing them with photoshop. The end product is a realistic photo of various e-commerce product images and clothing. This ensures that customers can imagine the real thing they are purchasing.

car photo

Car Photo Editing

FixiPixi photo editing offers a car photo editing service which to promote your car business. We produce high-quality photos and photoshop them to meet your individual needs. There is a need to venture into this service if you want to attract more potential customers to purchase your cars. That is why FixiPixi is dedicated to offering such professional services.

Many reasons will make you choose FixiPixi over others. To start with, FixiPixi is one of the fast-growing photo editing companies that offers quality services at affordable prices. That means you can get their services at $0.29 per photo as compared to other companies that charge from $1 to $5.

Consequently, FixiPixi has the best customer support and offers timely services. Its customers also enjoy free trial services which allow customers to ascertain the quality of their services before placing an order.

Moreover, FixiPixi is worth choosing because it comprises professional staff who are qualified and have enough expertise. They can interpret all your desires and include them in their photo editing work,

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long does your company take to complete an order?

Normally we offer 24 hours turnaround to clients depending on the level of urgency. We are committed to fine-tuning the time taken to deliver services to our esteemed customers if the requirements are complex or simple. We will let you know the time your photos need to be worked on and when to expect them promptly.

Do you offer free trial photo editing services or samples?

Yes; we are committed to seeing our clients happy with our services all through. We o provide free trials to our customers so that they can ascertain the quality of our services. The free trial also helps the clients to analyze our turnaround free of charge.

What do you gain when you outsource the photo editing services to FixiPixi?

Once you outsource photo editing services to us, you will benefit hugely in terms of the costs, the quality of services. Consequently, at FixiPixi you will enjoy 24hr customer support and an extremely quick turnaround. Our skilled and experienced professionals will ensure your customers get fully satisfied with the quality of the photos.

Product photo editing services are a great deal for anyone who intends to succeed in e-commerce or any other area. That is why FixiPixi is committed to remaining relevant by offering their clients top-quality services at the time of need.

Ensure you gain more traffic on your product images because this is likely to increase the conversion rates hence more earnings. Choose FixiPixi and you will never regret it as far as product photo editing is concerned.


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