FixiPixi- Image Editing Service

Everyone wishes to transform their photos from ‘ok’ to ‘amazing’. You might need a powerful photo editor that can control all the minuscule photo details or a one-click photo filter. Nonetheless, you might be quite fine with how your photos but wish to tweak them a little bit. Photo editing services will help you resize, crop and filter your photos to the best and ideal look.


Image Clipping Path​ service

Image Clipping Path

Image Clipping path is essential for eCommerce, or for professional photographers. We use Adobe Photoshop Pen tool for clipping path service. We use the pen tool to draw the handmade path.

Product Image Editing​​

Product Image Editing

Product photo editing service comprises of a wide range of photo retouching services. This service is best for your business as you will be able to achieve high quality photos which are likely to attract customers.

Real Estate Image Editing service

Real Estate Image Editing

If you have many clients but less time? Don't know how to make your image interiors, architecture and buildings more attractive to consumers. In this service, we will provide Interior Post Production, Color Change etc


Clipping Patch Service

This is a service that removes the background of your image. You will require clip path service before doing any other photo editing services such as color correction, image masking and the rest. Through this service you will be able to achieve an outstanding and profession kind of look in your photos.

Photo Retouching Service

Photo retouching involves making the photo finer for instance smoothening wrinkle, removing spots, whitening teeth or even removing the unwanted sights in the photo. This service allows you to get your desired photo. Whether you are retailer or professional photographer trying to impress your clients photo retouching is the most viable solution.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin involves removal of mannequin from the photo. The photo will still have the 3D hollow and natural shape. This service allows you to create a professional and consistent look to enhance the product appearance.

Photo Restoration Service

This is a service that restores your photos by making them look new as they were first taken. Whether your photo has been damaged by natural, manmade or environmental causes photo restoration is the best answer to retaining their appearance.

Jewelry Retouching Service

You have a photo of your jewelry but does not look eye catching? Try jewelry retouch service. It will give your jewelry image an appealing effect for personal or business purposes.

Real Estate Retouching Service

Real estate retouch services involves the improvement of color contrast, sharpness, composition and dimension of your real estate. Therefore to achieve the best and high quality image of your properties try our real estate retouching services.

Background Removal

This involves the removal of unwanted background of an image and replacing it with a new white background or a colored background. This will give a good focus to the image as well as make the image more engaging and attractive.

Product Photo Editing

Product photo editing service comprises of a wide range of photo retouching services. This service is best for your business as you will be able to achieve high quality photos which are likely to attract customers.

Image Masking Service

Image masking is the hiding of some portions and showing some. We offer different types of masking;

  • Layer masking
  • Clip masking
  • Alpha channel masking

Image masking is an ideal way of modifying a portion of a photo. It can also be used to remove and replace the background of translucent object.

Crop and Image Resizing

Cropping and resizing an image comprises the cutting of the image in order to achieve a new size and shape. Through cropping you will be able to get an image that will fit well in the designated place. You will also be able to cut off the unwanted sights in the image. Resizing will enable you to get your full photo retained but in a smaller or bigger size.

Why You Should Choose Our Services

High Quality Services

We have a team of experts who use the latest software applications to ensure provision of awesome edited images. So working with us means you will only be getting the best that you actually deserve.

Friendly Prices

Through working with us you will be spending less and selling more. We offer high quality services at all time at an affordable price. Either whole sale or retail our prices are always friendly.

Time Saving

We offer fast services to all our customers. Once you place an order we start working on your job effectively. Therefore working with us will save so much of your time.

Customer Protection

We protect our customers work at all time. So you can be rest assured that the images or photos you send to us for editing are protected and will not be used for any other purpose apart from editing.


We offer our services 24/7. You can place your order at any time of the day or night and be sure to get a quick response. We also offer our service throughout the world so no matter the region you are in it’s just a click away to getting our services.

Fast Delivery

We ensure delivery of our services in good time therefore you can be prepared for zero percent disappointments when it comes to delivery.

Your Benefit

High Production Capacity

We have a good number of employees therefore placing an order with a large number of images to be edited is done efficiently and effectively. You will be able to get a large number of edited images in the time limit agreed.

Build a Brand

You will be able to build a name for your brand. The sole purpose of photo editing technics is to create an outstanding image. This will help you to establish a distinct look that will make you look different from the rest of your competitors.

Better Sales

With good edited images your chances to making better sales will be very high as well edited images are attractive and alluring to the general public.

Gain Respect & Credibility

You will be able to acquire trustworthiness from buyers. Statistics have shown that up to 47% of people tend to trust a business that has an honest image of their website. Therefore getting your images edited can be your way to getting your website or business rated as credible.

Photo Extensive Tasks Becomes Easier

Statistics show that Up to 66% of people believe that the quality of a product image is very paramount for them to make a decision into buying a product or a service. Therefore getting a good consistent editor for your images will enable you to be relevant in the market.

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