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photo clipping Path service

FixiPixi is a Canadian-based photo editing company we provide professional image clipping, Background removes, e-commerce product edit, image masking, ghost mannequin or neck joints, shadow creature and all kinds of image retouching services.

We have 5+ years of experience in graphics-related work. We have a team of highly experienced and creative skilled photo editors who are successfully giving their best efforts for the best photo clipping path service experience. Our team provides an excellent quality path at an affordable price and make sure it’s delivered within the 100% correct time frame. We offer a professional image editing solution within a very low budget.

professional image clipping path service
photo clipping path service

What is image clipping path service?

Image clipping path services are professional assistance provided by companies for eliminating objects from still pictures. Other people call it to image background removable service. It includes services such as background removal, Ghost Mannequin Removal, photo retouching, clipping mask, and any other Photoshop editing services.

The low cost clipping path service is made possible by appropriate photo editing software. A tool like a scissor, also known as a pen or selection tool, closed vector path or shape. This tool enables editors to cut out a 2D object, removes, or change it precisely and correctly an image. Also, you can replace the inappropriate background with your preferred one.

To be honest, clipping path service is like the heart of image editing. Therefore, any photography enthusiast or e-commerce business owner should acquire it when editing their photos to perfection. It is the best way to improve any online business with high quality, and eye-catchy photos are its outcome.

Why E-commerce requires a photo clipping path service?

In the current world of e-commerce, the clipping path is the exceptional tool used to perfect product photos. Most e-commerce websites depend on properly retouched photos to entice customers into buying their products.

Improve Photo Quality

Using professional clipping path services will help convert your product images to perfection. Different views of the products can be created, and emphasis put on the product's aspects. Colors, lighting, and contrast of images can be easily manipulated to enhance product features. Plus, different objects and backgrounds can be added or removed to give a perfect appearance to the photos.


Increased Revenue

To increase sales and rate of profit-making. Photo clipping service helps maximize the visual of product images by adding visual features, adjusting image contrast, brightness, removing any other defects that may lower the quality of the product's image. The higher the quality of the product image displayed on an online business website, the more the sales are made, and hence more revenue or profits earned.

All in One Umbrella

The FixiPixi acts as an umbrella from which plenty of image editing services arise. They include background removal service, clipping mask, retouching, shadowing, ghost mannequin removal, Real Estate Photo Editing, among other Photoshop editing services. With this comprehensive range of services offered by photo clipping path companies, any kind of image for your ecommerce store.

Why You Should Choose FixiPixi

Our clients are the most valued asset, and we regularly treat them with care and respect. We discuss your business needs, and if need be, we provide free expert advice to help achieve your business goals. We have a talented team of trained and experienced experts who are committed to offering the best image clipping path service. We assure timely delivery and professional photo editing service.

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Our Clipping Patch Services

A2Z Clipping Patch

All kinds of images background remove.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is most commonly used in garments item.

Image Retouching

We provide high-quality image retouching service.

Image Masking

We provide quality image masking service, that can improve your modeling images.

Background Removal

All kinds of images background remove.

Product Image Editing

FixiPixi provides eCommerce photo clipping service.

A2Z Clipping Patch Service

Photo Clipping Path is essential for all e-commerce industry. It’s can increase your product image quality and get more sell. We basically remove background color as your requirement, hair masking, crop & compress images etc,

ecommerce photo editing before after

Ghost Mannequin Service

This refers to a photoshop of clothes in the absence of a model. It is also called neck joint Mannequin service. This service portrays the unworn clothes as worn by an invisible person in product promotion. Mannequin makes the apparels to keep their shape. This service is mainly used in e-commerce, magazines and online fashion businesses.

Image Retouching Service

Photo retouching makes your image appear more outstanding in the web or your gallery. The photos are manipulated or altered to look flawless. This service removes pimples, erases blemishes and fine-tunes one’s skin tone.  Body fixing such making one look slimmer or morphing the pictures can be done through image retouching.  This works well with models and those in the fashion industry.

Image Masking Service

This is merely removing the background photos that might cause your picture to appear blurred.  The object can be eliminated by use of an image masking technique. During photoshop, the image can form curves or undefined soft edges like hair. Photo masking is used to remove or replace such backgrounds.

Background Removal Service

This is a professional way of image separation from objects. The objects separated are later on used for different backgrounds. This makes your photo eye-catching. This technique is adopted mostly in the e-commerce industry where background objects are eliminated, and the white background is enhanced. This makes the picture appear catchy and attractive.

Background changing and removal of shoe photo editing service

Product Image Editing

Companies such as e-commerce or online fashion use pictures to promote or market their products. For them to attract more customers, their product pictures should be more than a standard photograph. This makes photo editing more crucial. The product photo should be fine-tuned, edited and manipulated to bring out the best image for marketing.

Color Correction

Product photos come with a wide range of colors. This may be due to the background and surrounding the images that were taken. This service will help to make all the backgrounds away within seconds. As a result, your precious time is saved.

color correction before after

Drop Shadow

Here, shadows can be used to add depth to your photos and make them more visually attractive to the eye. Plus, the darkness helps to make all kinds of photos look perfect and professional.

Bulk Image Clipping Path

This service will be ideal for you if you have plenty of photos that require clipping path editing. It involves outsourcing a large number of pictures to a clipping path company for editing.

Basic Clipping Path​ service

Basic Clipping Path

It is the lowest level of cheap clipping path service that deals with photos that require simple editing or retouching. Such images require little effort, expertise, and time to perfect them. Besides, this service is only available to basic plan subscribers with low charge per image edited.

Complex Clipping Path

With this service, complex product images, garment images, clipping patch, ghost mannequin, and complex background images are retouched. This service requires special software and expertise to perfect them; thus, its pricing is relatively high.

Complex clipping path service
professional image clipping path service

Super Complex Clipping Path

This service involves photos that require incredibly high skilled personnel with more extended periods of experience to conduct the editing process. Plus, highly advanced technology and software are needed to handle such images.

Multiple Clipping Path

This is a form of a clipping path that uses multiple paths to outline different images. It helps to separate different objects in an image from models and backgrounds.

Ecommerce Multi Clipping​

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.

Basic Clipping



Simple Product Images

Simple Garments Images

Simple Background Removal

PSD File





Moderate Product Images

Moderate Garments Images

Moderate Background Removal

Basic Retouching

Basic Ghost Mannequin




Complex Product Images

Complex Garments Images

Complex Clipping Patch

Complex Ghost Mannequin

Complex Background Removal

Photo Clipping and Background Removal the Same?

Photo clipping and background removal all have a similar role in enhancing the photo quality and appearance for various purposes. Besides, they all involve three same types, including the simple, sophisticated, and compound. But, there are some differences between them, and we discuss them as follows.

Clipping path involves the process of creating an outline around the center object that requires editing. Background removal consists of the deletion of anything else while retaining the central object rather than the surroundings.

In the photo clipping path, a pen tool provided by the editing software is used. The pen tool creates an outline softly and beautifully in a way that no other device can do. As for background removal, an erase tool and different kinds of tools are used. This means background removal can be done using other tools other than the erase tool.

A clipping path can be used as a vector path and filled using any color desired. The color can be easily changed or customized as needed. Plus, the background color can also be replaced with ease. In background removal, any fill color or solid color can be used on the background of a transparent photo and can be changed later.

Clipping path, not all objects can be outlined, for example, the hair or taller trees. In background removal, it can be easily cut out, separating the object from the background item.

Why Should You Outsource the Clipping Path Service?

Outsourcing involves an agreement between two or more parties where one company provides professional service for another one. Yet, the latter can choose to give tasks to the former. This service will not only make your business enjoy increased profit earnings but also other significant benefits.

  • Saves on cost and savings

Outsourcing photos to a professional clipping path company will allow you to enjoy substantial savings. This service will let you enjoy low-cost clipping path service as compared with other self-operating companies or undertaking editing tasks in an in-house project, especially in the case where substantial investment in human, infrastructure, and software is required.

  • Quality services

You may not have the required skills and expertise needed to deliver high-quality product images for your website or catalogs. Also, you may use advanced software, but your results will never be like those of professionals. Outsourcing photos to skilled personnel in a company will result in world-class and exceptional quality photos.

  • Fast Delivery

Outsourcing clipping path services will help you to reduce time wastage significantly and delayed delivery of photos, unlike other companies. The outsourcing companies have a team of dedicated workers who have specialized in different editing categories. As a result, the division of labor is enhanced and thus faster delivery of final high-quality photos on the agreed time.

  • Reduced risks

You will enjoy reduced to no risks such as poor quality photos, data insecurity, including other forms that other cheap clipping path companies or editors could pose to your business. Using a third party will be ultimately beneficial since high-quality photos are delivered in no time. Plus, your data is taken seriously and secured from landing into unauthorized hands.

How to Choose a Photo Clipping Path Company?

  • Experience of workers

The levels of expertise among the team members in a photo clipping company matter a lot. It defines and predicts the quality of the final photos. A company that has workers with more extended periods of working for about five years and above should be chosen. Besides, they should be well trained and equipped with skills in the relevant field of image editing service.

  • Cost

Photo clipping path companies have varied costs charged for the image editing services rendered. The pricing depends on the quality of technology or software used the editor’s decisions to counter competition and others. Some companies offer low-cost clipping path service providing excellent quality photos, while others charge relatively higher. Depending on your budget, you should choose the company that you can comfortably pay for the fees without compromising your budget.

  • Time of delivery

Fast delivery of quality photos edited by an image Clipping Path Company is what all customers want. It will help them plan for their activities and projects or sales appropriately in a much faster way. A good company should have its workers on the front line to immediately start working on an order placed by their customers and deliver the photos not later than the agreed time.

  • Data Security

You should choose a company whose systems are highly safeguarded to protect their customer’s photos provided from being used or shared for other purposes without the knowledge of the customers. It should guarantee ultimate photo security from hackers.

How Can a Clipping Path Increase Your Online Store Sales?

Ideally, most people respond better to visual content rather than text. If you are an online seller, it is important to use quality photos to showcase your products. Therefore you need clipping path service for your furniture product as you will get exceptional quality and very attractive photos. As a result, they tend to catch the attention of potential customers and enticing them to buy your products.

A large number of customers buy products and services from businesses with high profile images. A profile usually represents an online business’ image and the kind of services they offer to their customers. Using this unique editing service will give a perfect picture that will showcase quality products and services provided, leading to increased online store sales.

With the increased online competitive businesses, the best clipping path service is all you need to counter your competitors. Photos here are fine-tuned and edited to perfection expertly to gain much traffic of customers to your website. High-quality photos produced to make your online site incredibly elegant. Thus, no potential customer can scroll down without having a glance at the products or you sell.

Clipping path forms a basis for advertising your online products or services. Most business people opt to market their products and services to attract plenty of customers to buy their products. This depends on the photo quality as well as how eye-catchy the photos are.

How Can the Clipping Path Speed Up Your ROI?

Professional clipping path service provides you with high-quality photos that help to attract customers to your online. In turn, they entice them to buy your products or services, leading to increased sales as well as profits.

Using a clipping path service allows you to save money. It offers you the most affordable services other than other expensive editing services, thus aiding your business’s increased rate of income.

High-quality photos are provided much faster to allow instant marketing and showcasing newly invented products on time. As a result, the rate of income increases significantly.

Clipping path helps to build an excellent reputation for your business’ profile by providing exceptional quality of photos. This helps to build confidence among your customers that the products are of extraordinary quality, hence increasing the income rate.

Advantages of Working with FixiPixi

Do you need a clipping path service for your furniture product photos? Try the FixiPixi image editing company today. It is a fast-growing and cheap clipping path company in the image editing industry thanks to the outstanding editing services it offers to clients. Working with FixiPixi gives tremendous advantages to its users as follows;

  • We provide the best clipping path services at an incredibly affordable budget to fit all customers of varied budgets.
  • We are reliable and deliver photos edited on a timely basis for better planning by the customers.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced staff in professional clipping path services use up to date editing software to deliver you with the best photo quality photos.
  • We offer double-check photo quality before they are delivered to our clients to ensure a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • FixiPixi incorporates advanced technology with a skilled team of editors makes it the best choice as your outsourcing service partner.
  • You will enjoy 24/7 customer support that offers instant feedback to your questions and excellent communication etiquette.
  • We offer a discount on large photos as well as a special discount for customers from Canada and the USA.

See Our Full Clipping Patch Services Price

Customers Reviews

Fixipixi designers is excellent! With their well do clipping path. I recommend Fixipix for anyone in need of clipping path service .
Ada Dickens
Fixipixi will provide the best value in low budget, they showed me a lot of care, and they helped me with the best image editing service. I have worked with them for over a year now, and I can attest to their accuracy and timeliness
Carolyn Brown
Editorial Director
You are the best service I have ever tried. Neat performing of a clipping patch for my product images and affordable prices make me book your services again and again. I will buy your service again and again!
Mikkel Weiss


Most frequent questions and answers

A clipping path is a cutting a picture of a magazine with a pair of scissors. If I said that professionally, A clipping path is a closed or shape, used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software. It’s also called removable background service. The pen tool is used to cut out, remove, change or replace the unsuitable background of an image with the desired one. We are 100% committed to providing professional quality clipping path along with Cut Out Image, Remove object, Neck Joint, eCommerce image editing, background removing or in-depth image retouching service for further prepress.

This answer is yes. According to a recent study, 45% of people respond better to virtual content rather than text. If you sell the product online, images are becoming increasingly important to generate new sales, attract the new customer, and increase up your eCommerce business in Alixpress, eBay, Amazone etc. Because of, customers have to choose the products by observing the images. So having the professional image for your business or website brand could prove to be the shrewd investment. Our adaptable photoshop expert in clipping path photoshop and they are committed to providing the high levels of services at all times.

We are Canadian based graphic design company. Our support office in Toronto, Canada and production office in Khulna, Bangladesh. Having our production facility in a low worker cost in our region, we can offer the best price guarantee for image background remove service. But our workers are professional, and they never do sloppy edits or bad cuts, just a finished image that will benefit your business. We offer FREE samples so that you check our work quality. We are looking to build a long-term relationship with the company. We are confident of providing you quality work with quick turnaround.

  • Affordable budget.
  • We are reliable and faster.
  • We edit all kinds of images.
  • Per Image Cost, Hourly/Monthly Resource Hiring.
  • Double Check Quality Control Process.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • FREE TRIAL to Check Quality.
  • Monthly Invoice Schedule
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Bulk Discount.
  • Especial Discount for USA and Canada.
  • Unlimited Revisions.
  • We offer super fast delivery offer.
  • Reliable Billing
  • Quotation Delivered within 1 Hour
  • Our ability to incorporate technology and management skill makes us distinctive and the pure choice of your outsourcing service partner.

Our highly skilled photo editor use the latest photo editing software such as Photoshop CC to manipulate and edit your image of choice. We can also be able to remove any unwanted elements from a photo and provide you with a finished product that looks professional, sharp, eye-catching and is instantly ready to be published. Our clipping editing service is 100% handmade, so don’t worry about our quality.

Yes, FixiPixi can do it. Your photo won’t be shown up anywhere.

Yes, we provide discount for our monthly client.

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