FixiPixi provides professional image clipping, Background removes, e-commerce product edit, image masking, ghost mannequin or neck joints, shadow creature and all kinds of image retouching services.

We have 5+ years of experience in graphics related work. We have a team of highly experienced and creative skilled photo editors who are successfully giving their best efforts for the best photo clipping path service experience. Our team provides excellent quality path at the affordable price and make sure it’s delivered within the 100% correct time frame. We offer a professional image editing solution within a very low budget.

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Our clients are our most valued asset, and we regularly treat them with care and respect. We discuss your business needs, and if need be, we provide free expert advice to help achieve your business goals. We have the talented team of trained and experienced experts who are committed to offering best image clipping path service. We assure timely delivery and professional image background removal service.

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Our Clipping Patch Services

A2Z Clipping Patch

All kinds of images background remove.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is most commonly used in garments item.

Image Retouching

We provide high-quality image retouching service.

Image Masking

We provide quality image masking service, that can improve your modeling images.

Background Removal

All kinds of images background remove.

Product Image Editing

Every eCommerce business owner need high quality product image to increase sell.So we provide best Product Image Editing Service.

A2Z Clipping Patch Service

Photo Clipping Path is essential for all e-commerce industry. It’s can increase your product image quality and get more sell. We basically remove background color as your requirement, hair masking, crop & compress images etc,

Ghost Mannequin Service

This refers to a photoshop of clothes in the absence of a model. It is also called neck joint Mannequin service. This service portrays the unworn clothes as worn by an invisible person in product promotion. Mannequin makes the apparels to keep their shape. This service is mainly used in e-commerce, magazines and online fashion businesses.

Image Retouching Service

Photo retouching makes your image appear more outstanding in the web or your gallery. The photos are manipulated or altered to look flawless. This service removes pimples, erases blemishes and fine-tunes one’s skin tone.  Body fixing such making one look slimmer or morphing the pictures can be done through image retouching.  This works well with models and those in the fashion industry.

Image Masking Service

This is merely removing the background photos that might cause your picture to appear blurred.  The object can be eliminated by use of an image masking technique. During photoshop, the image can form curves or undefined soft edges like hair. Photo masking is used to remove or replace such backgrounds.

Background Removal Service

This is a professional way of image separation from objects. The objects separated are later on used for different backgrounds. This makes your photo eye-catching. This technique is adopted mostly in the e-commerce industry where background objects are eliminated, and the white background is enhanced. This makes the picture appear catchy and attractive.

Image Background Removal ServiceImage Background Removal Service

Product Image Editing

Companies such as e-commerce or online fashion use pictures to promote or market their products. For them to attract more customers, their product pictures should be more than a standard photograph. This makes photo editing more crucial. The product photo should be fine-tuned, edited and manipulated to bring out the best image for marketing.

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Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.

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Simple Product Images

Simple Garments Images

Simple Background Removal

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Moderate Product Images

Moderate Garments Images

Moderate Background Removal

Basic Retouching

Basic Ghost Mannequin




Complex Product Images

Complex Garments Images

Complex Clipping Patch

Complex Ghost Mannequin

Complex Background Removal

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Fixipixi designers is excellent! With their well do clipping path. I recommend Fixipix for anyone in need of clipping path service .
Ada Dickens
Fixipixi will provide the best value in low budget, they showed me a lot of care, and they helped me with the best image editing service. I have worked with them for over a year now, and I can attest to their accuracy and timeliness
Carolyn Brown
Editorial Director
You are the best service I have ever tried. Neat performing of a clipping patch for my product images and affordable prices make me book your services again and again. I will buy your service again and again!
Mikkel Weiss


Most frequent questions and answers

A clipping path is a cutting a picture of a magazine with a pair of scissors. If I said that professionally, A clipping path is a closed or shape, used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software. It’s also called removable background service. The pen tool is used to cut out, remove, change or replace the unsuitable background of an image with the desired one. We are 100% committed to providing professional quality clipping path along with Cut Out Image, Remove object, Neck Joint, eCommerce image editing, background removing or in-depth image retouching service for further prepress.

This answer is yes. According to a recent study, 45% of people respond better to virtual content rather than text. If you sell the product online, images are becoming increasingly important to generate new sales, attract the new customer, and increase up your eCommerce business in Alixpress, eBay, Amazone etc. Because of, customers have to choose the products by observing the images. So having the professional image for your business or website brand could prove to be the shrewd investment. Our adaptable photoshop expert in clipping path photoshop and they are committed to providing the high levels of services at all times.

We are Canadian based graphic design company. Our support office in Toronto, Canada and production office in Khulna, Bangladesh. Having our production facility in a low worker cost in our region, we can offer the best price guarantee for image background remove service. But our workers are professional, and they never do sloppy edits or bad cuts, just a finished image that will benefit your business. We offer FREE samples so that you check our work quality. We are looking to build a long-term relationship with the company. We are confident of providing you quality work with quick turnaround.

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Our highly skilled photo editor use the latest photo editing software such as Photoshop CC to manipulate and edit your image of choice. We can also be able to remove any unwanted elements from a photo and provide you with a finished product that looks professional, sharp, eye-catching and is instantly ready to be published. Our clipping editing service is 100% handmade, so don’t worry about our quality.

Yes, FixiPixi can do it. Your photo won’t be shown up anywhere.

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