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Why amazon photo requires Special editing?

Various research has shown that 75% of online shoppers rely entirely on product photos they see online when they choose to buy the product. Amazon is aware of this, and they value the images that are uploaded on their website. They have their guidelines that all sellers and photos editors should follow. The idea behind the amazon photo editing is because they make the image ideal for uploading- most sellers find it difficult to optimize their product image with amazon guidelines.
Due to this, we edit the image as per amazon guidelines and remove all the spots and blemishes from the main product picture. This makes the image suitable for uploading with them. To increase the product image quality-when photographing some unwanted object might appear on your product image. This decreases the quality of the picture.

To meet the qualification of your product, according to Amazon, it must be edited to make your background white to enhance the required quality. Increase the sales and communication rate- product image communicates a lot to buyers. In ecommerce, communication is based on image quality. Our Amazon photo editing services are done to increase the communication rate and hence improving product sales.

ecommerce product images optimize
Ecommerce Multi Clipping​

Pure White Background for Amazon

Amazon always allows upload images with a pure white background. All the pictures that don’t meet this qualification are not uploaded. This is because the main product image will appear on the product search page. FixiPixi offers a pure background with the right color for your product. Our services and experts use high tech photo editing software to meet the required white background.

Clipping Path for Amazon

Our Photoshop clipping path experts use the manual pen tools to come up with the best and high-quality images. We follow our clients’ needs and instructions, and we ensure that they are delighted with our clipping path process. Our experts are holistic to various clipping path services like overlapping, pure, multiple complexes, and image cut services. Our services meet the amazon standards, and our customers can attest. We will provide png, jpeg, etc format.

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Add & Remove logo

Amazon does not accept product images with any logos. They should be logo free. They reject images with logos, and therefore it’s good to remove it before you submit your image. We offer the Service of logo removal to the amazon product image. If also you need to add any logo to your photo, we can also do it. Our experts are experienced in adding logos.

Add & remove background amazon photo

Adding and removing a background amazon photo is so beneficial in the product sell. It is good at increasing the customer to attract attention and also accessible in the website loading. The product image is supposed to be clean from any other object as per amazon guidelines. We offer these services.

furniture photo editing
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Amazon photo resize & optimize

Photo resize and optimize a significant problem to many ecommerce sellers. Amazon requires the picture to be at least 1000 X 1000 pixels in its width and height. To add on that the product, it must occupy at least 85 % of the image. We resize and optimize your image to meet the Amazon guidelines. Our experts are used to this, and they can make it fit for you to upload on the amazon website.

Amazon photo retouching

It is not possible to capture all the details of your product on the product images. Some unwanted objects or spots might appear, and this will be difficult for Amazon to upload it. To do away with this problem, we do the retouch of the image and pop up it to increase its quality. We enhance the image to be eye-catching to customers.

ecommerce product images optimize

Remove dust and spots.

Amazon requires photos that have a background that is pure and free from a spot or dust.  To achieve this, when photographing might be difficult. Dust, scratches, blemishes, and spots might appear on the image. Fixipixi can remove all the dust, spots, and other imperfections from the product image and make it ideal for amazon uploading.

Product images infographics

Amazon infographics have been one of the best ecommerce marketers for amazon. Amazon allows sellers to submit up to 9 high-quality photos. In all these photos, sellers need to display essential features and some information in a quick and straightforward for customers. Our experts can do the infographics in the best way to make viewers feel motivated whenever they visit the product.

What types of images are best for amazon?


They always say that an image is worth a thousand words. For Amazon, they know that images are worth dollars. For this to be achieved, they are always sensitive to the types of product images uploaded. Amazon accepts only four types of images. The four formats make their images, i.e., TIFF (tagged image file format), JPEG (joint photographic experts groups), GIF (graphic interchange format), and PNG (portable network graphics).

The best image should also be submitted to amazon without compression or with minimal compression. The photo should not have any layers when submitting. The other formats like EPS, PSD, and others are not accepted on the amazon product image. With all this, you are assured of high quality and best images that amazon can accept.

Why you should outsource amazon photo editing services

ecommerce image clipping

Efficient outsourcing photo editing services are so vital in amazon and other ecommerce industries. The Service brings success to the business because it transforms the image from being ordinary to a high-quality image that attracts viewers’ attention. There are various reasons why you need to outsource the amazon photo editing services. Some of them are

Saves time- quality images requires one to take some time in editing the product photo. With outsourcing, it tries to save this time.

It provides high-quality photos- for success in professional photo editing, amazon requires experts to use the latest software and tools in photo editing their images. They usually upload the best picture that is eye-catching. The outsource concentrates on giving out quality photos.

It enables one to stand among many-outsourcing photo editing allows one to get quality and outstanding images at an affordable cost. O add on that the image quality will enable one to be ahead on his competitors in terms of image quality. The image will be a customer attractor as opposed to that of their counterparts.

Amazon outsourcing enables easy product marketing- decent and high-quality images have a significant impact on amazon selling. A well and clear product image can convince customers. They will buy and refer to their friends, and this helps in product marketing.

Who needs the Service

Photo editing services has become so crucial in ecommerce. Several sellers require image editing services more, especially amazon image editing. Some of these include

Amazon product photographer
Photography, more especially product photography, is somehow tricky to most photographers. Some blemishes can appear on the photos they shot during photography. To have a high-quality picture, you need to remove them. The removal of the blemishes requires one to edit the image. This is where photo editing services become vital to them.

Jewelry seller
Most jewelry products are highly reflective. Because of this, the real color of the image should be displayed on the photo taken. In order to restore the original color, editing of the photo is needed.

Clothing seller
Wrinkling in beauty items tend to reduce the quality of the garment. Most buyers do not prefer photos with wrinkles. Editing services are required to remove the wrinkles and make the cloth image look great.

Ecommerce business owners
Quality images of any product are the best marketing strategy for ecommerce. Quality images attract the attention of the buyers and increase the traffic on the website. This promotes the ecommerce business. So most ecommerce owners will need to edit all the product images to increase the image quality.

The other seller who needs photo editing services include

  • Online retailers
  • Fashion product sellers
  • Electronics sellers
  • Dropshipping

The best primary images should be

  • 1500 x 1500 pixels this is because it offers good zooming in line with amazon specs
  • The product should fill at least 85% on the image for the eye-catching purpose
  • It should be shot on a pure white background. All blemishes and spots should be cut off
  • It has all the relevant product accessories that it comes with.


Amazon technical image requirements

Amazon sellers have to ensure that their images have met the technical requirement photos for it to be listed on the website. Some of this requirement are

Image format- there are four major image formats that amazon accepts: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. All the photos must be in these formats to be uploaded.

Filename- the photo file name must have the product identifier and then followed by the period and also appropriate extension.

Image size- the size of all product images should be at least 1500 pixels in size, both in width and height.

Advantage of Choosing FixiPixi

Fixipixi is a leading image editing company that always gives top-notch photo editing services to their clients. Our company has worked with several amazon sellers of years now. Their goals were to meet and satisfied. There are several merits of working with us such as

  • Fixipixi provides quick and fast amazon image editing services. With speed, the quality of the image is not compromised
  • We use an advanced photo editing software and guidelines in removing all the imperfections on the product image
  • We give our clients a 24/7 live chat support.
  • We improve the image quality hence enhancing your sale.
  • Amazon guidelines always guide our editing services.


Most frequent questions and answers

When you create the listing and manage to upload your image, and it happens, you need to change the product image you can. There is a simple procedure you need to follow to upload and change the image. You need to click the add product image and tab the image tab and then choose the file, and once uploaded, you change.

To resize the image for amazon, FixiPixi uses Photoshop. We do the Photoshop first before setting the height and width and resizing it before we upload the image on amazon. We then optimize the image into the amazon required format before saving it. 

Amazon requires the images to have the necessary image size. As per the technical requirement, the image size should be at least 1000 pixels on height and width. This size is perfect for all amazon images.

Amazon product image requires sellers to prepare the image before they upload it on amazon. The image follows the guidelines that we have stated. You first need to add the product tool to add the image in the created listing.

Amazon has outlined the file sizes that all the products should have. Amazon recommends that all the images should have 1:1 square dimensions. The maximum file size should not exceed ten Mb for every image.

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