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Recently, we have seen many people getting into photo editing services. Some take this job as a side hustle while others, as a profession. Professional car photo editing service is one of the major categories you will encounter in this field.

Car photo retouching is the art of making attractive and appealing car images in automotive businesses. An automotive-based company uses car photo editing to make the pictures’ real’. Since this business has stiff competition, many brands need to convince new customers daily.

Vehicle image editing remains crucial when it comes to automotive photography. Some vehicle sites need to handle a considerable amount of photos. This, however, takes a lot of time to edit images.

No matter how you take many photos, a seller might sell only a few cars. So, you should have many clients as much as possible and to do so is to provide them with high-quality car photos. Try to put more effort into carrying your photo editing company’s image and reaching out to many customers.

Professional car photo editors try to combine several features to make colorful and vivid photos. Besides, they use handy like PhotoScape, allowing you to create animated GIFs, slideshows, capture screenshots, split and combine images. Appreciation goes to recent apps and technologies.

car photo retouching service
Our Premium Car Photo Editing Service

Car photo editing is a broad field that can offer various automobile photo editing services. You should know that starting an automotive site without a vehicle retouching company is impossible. Below are some of the automobile photography editing that we provide.

Car photo background remove

Drop Shadow​

The background of a photo says a lot about the picture and sometimes can make the subject meaningless. When it comes to cars, buyers need to view what they plan to buy clearly. So it is good to remove the original background, allowing your customers to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Leave your car photo with a transparent or white color background with natural shadow, it is recommendable. And most of the online stores recommend a white background images.

Car image background change

Now that you know the meaning of car photo background removal, it is time to learn image background replacement. Under this category, you only replace the background and not removing it. You don’t want to replace the image background blindly. Try to consider your customer’s preferences.
I can recommend you change the background, leaving it with white color for visibility purposes. A white background is the most commonly used car image editing service.

Color changing & Correction

car photo color change

Here is another service that we offer. It sounds tricky, but it is simple. It merely involves changing the color in a photo with a desired one. A car image may come inappropriately; that is when the need for automotive image editing service comes in. the main aim of the editing is to change by correcting the color variations. It doesn’t matter the car photo’s texture, and professionals will touch the image, giving it the right and desired color.

Add or remove an object

We also add or remove objects in your car image, so don’t worry. Sometimes you may wish to add a person standing near the car. Doing so may make the vehicle look more detailed. Car image retouching service can correctly do it for you.
However, sometimes you may also wish to remove an object from the car photo. The art is still possible; our photo editors have long experience in this field to provide the best to our customers.

vehicle photo clipping path

This service assists in image masking, cropping, color correction, and background removal of the car photos. We excellently offer this service with the aid of incredible software like Adobe Photoshop for clipping path. Our experts are experienced enough to do the job. It would be best if you did not worry because; we handle all sorts of car photo clipping paths.

Add or remove spot

Sometimes you may wish to add a spot to cover an individual surface in the car photo. Also, maybe you want to clear a mark from the image. Yes, it is possible with our experienced experts.
Spots may hamper the texture of the car photo, making it not appealing to customers. Through our car photo retouching services, we always try our best to provide our clients with better results.

Glare Remove

A photographer will tell how unwanted glare may hamper their professional. Sometimes images taken might have unnecessary glare, and it is our role to remove such misfortunes from the car image. Cameras, especially low-quality ones, will never cease to disappoint. Don’t worry because we are here for you, and we can correct such camera’s mistakes.

Shadow Creation

Shadow creation is another service that you will never miss in automobile image editing services. When putting a focus or light on the images, you need to keen about the shadows too.
Our experts can create a car-shadow, bringing the realistic feel over an artificial or cropped car photo. We are much concerned with the hard lines, sharp arcs, circles, angular corners, among others.

Car photo retouching

This service will provide you to attract your car photo. We enhance your product quality virtually, which attracts more customers. This service is essential in making the car photo smooth and appealing. It leaves the car images well-furnished with the aid of excellent image editing software. Image retouching services involve making alterations to the picture.

FixiPixi provides a professional vehicle photo editing service especially Car Dealer Or Online Seller, To improving your vehicle photography contacts us.

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Advantage of Automobile Photo Editing / Retouching

  • Build the image of the brand

Attracting and appealing images can be suitable for building your brand. Automotive businesses may concentrate on a specific editing style like cropping patterns, nature of photos, a saturation of some colors, focusing ways, subjects used, etc.

This helps create brand-aware edited pictures. Doing so will also lead to excellent customer recollection, building some confidence in them.

  • Automobile photo editing improves sales

The primary purpose of image editing is to maximize your entire image’s quality. Automotive businesses don’t need awkward photos to represent their services and products.

Remember, excellent photo editors, are capable of changing the quality and complexion of the picture instantly. This will make the image looks alluring for the entire customers.

  • Builds creditability and respectability

One of the significant automobile advantages of photo retouching the way it can enhance credibility in a company. An automotive business that shows genuine photos wins many people’s trust in the market than stock images. This means that professionally editing your images can attract and not scaring your customers

car photo

It makes photo-intensive tasks easier

Automobile photo editing becomes essential, mainly when your business depends mostly on images and photographs of products. An excellent example of such an automotive industry is the eCommerce websites. You should try your best to maintain a continuous, high-quality image stream daily. Car photo editing services simplifies editing parameters, applying the same mechanism to other photos.

  • It is a sturdy internet strategy

Nowadays, social media is a powerful platform not only for interacting but also for business. Many people open online business pages to reach their customers, expanding the business. So, editing your car photos professionally before uploading them will say how serious you are. Besides, customers will see how organized your automotive is.

  • Reusing images enhance efficiency

Reusing pictures for various purposes is among the benefits of photo editing services in an automobile. Car photo editing allows you to utilize one image for more than one meaning. It helps you change, replace, or alter the image’s background anyway, making it more useful.

  • Automobile photo editing is a simple multi-platform customization

Your print ads photo might look different from digital ads. It could either be different for mobile platforms, social media, monochrome prints, and many others. Only professional photo editing can customize the images, creating the exact impact on various platforms.

Cheap car photo retouching service


  • Is it possible to remove watermarks from car photos?

Yes, some raw images come with date and time watermarks in any corner. Removing is simple with the aid of photo editing software and apps such as PhotoScape and Adobe photoshop. It is also possible to remove a stamp from the car image.

  • What is photo manipulation?

It is the technology that involves making immovable objects to move. This means that it is possible to manipulate the features of the car’s photo editing. More so, we can put equip the image with artistic and colorful designs.

End Notes

If you are planning to start an automobile website or online store then you should retouch your car photo properly It samples some significant services that you can benefit from professional car photo editing service. Besides, the report provides some other useful information like the advantages of automobile photo retouching. We offer 2 free trials so you can judge our quality before place the final order.

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