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At FixiPixi, our team is comprised of professionals who understand your real-estate business needs. We are well aware of what it takes to convert prospects in the real-estate business, into valid clients and we continually work to increase our standards so as to better serve your needs. Our team of graphic design experts is always on hand to cater to your editing requirements as per your instructions while offering expert and seasoned advice that will bring your dream pictures to life. Get in touch with us today and we will work with you to create that perfect, top-selling property listing picture you’ve always desired.

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What do we mean by real estate photo editing?

It involves the art and science of transforming real estate images like architecture, resorts, and buildings, making them exceptionally attractive and appealing to the eyes of customers. Real estate photo editing software like Lightroom and Photoshops are used in this process.

Just like any other business, the selling or renting of buildings, apartments, and architectures online need also to have amazing pictures to attract plenty of potential customers. This service is ultimately essential to the real estate agents who want to provide their online website with high-quality and attractive photos. Because no one can ever stop and have a peek on a website with low quality and dull images shown.

Since they are looking for something great and impressive, they will always shy away from such websites and dramatically affects the real estate business. To make things right, you need this essential service to do the job for you. The real estate photography editing services used to fine-tune the photos include the addition of graphics, color correction or enhancements, objects, and background addition or removal, among others more.

It is excellent to remember that not all photo editing service providers are proficient in all fields. Therefore, you need to look for a Real Estate Photo Editing Company, which has specialists with significant years of experience. At FixiPixi, we have experts who have, for a long time, excelled in Real Estate Photo Retouching. They tirelessly work editing your photos, giving them a professional look that will never go unrewarded.

real estate photo editing service

What Real Estate Photo Editing Services are offered at FixiPixi?

We have a team of experts in image editing with great experience to offer numerous services regarding property photo editing. Special tools and software plus cutting-edge resources, which are all combined to unleash the beauty of your property listing at the same time, highlighting the critical features needed to be included. They are as follows;

Sky Remove & Attach

The sky has a vital role in enhancing the appearance of photos. Do you own an online property business? If yes, sky removal or attaching is a must-have service! Its main aim is to attract customers to your website by using the best sky attachment or removal techniques.

With our experts, we refurbish your real estate photos to perfection. Also, we make not only your photos more outstanding but also elegant and cheerful states giving them an excellent reflection of the property.

real estate photo editing before after

Tree & Nature Attachment

This service involves the addition of the green field view to real estate photos. While taking pictures of your In most cases, real estate properties are situated in a natural environment that comprises trees, natural landscapes, and water bodies, just to name a few.

Using our expertise and comprehensive range of pictures, we do remove and attach the best tree and nature photos to your real estate images. While taking into account our customer’s needs, the natural and tree view of surroundings will entice your potential customers to buy the property more.

People Add & Remove

Adding some people walking around the real estate property can make such photos real and attractive. Besides, it will help showcase and make your customers fantasize about how it will feel when they own such beautiful real estate properties.

Depending on your desires, we add and remove people from your real estate photos based on your targeted audience. Besides, if you want other people to be removed from your real estate photos, we do it correctly and untraceable.

Furniture Add & Remove

This service is becoming the most popular. At FixiPixi, we enhance your real estate properties by adding an attractive piece of furniture to the empty room spaces. This helps in expressing how virtual equipment will fit in such rooms, enticing customers to buy them.

Our experts can edit nearly all pieces of furniture like sofa set, bed, refrigerator, and smart television, including other more to suit your requirements. By doing so, professional real estate pictures are delivered ready to market your property.

real estate photo editing service

Wall Color Change & Enhance


This service includes the process of modifying the property’s walls on the real estate photos. Since a professional salesperson requires experimenting with how internal room surroundings will appear when different colors are added to them by the buyer, this Real Estate Image Editing Service is essential.

It helps to enhance the inner beauty of the room on sale while making it incredibly gorgeous and stunning, grabbing your potential customer’s attention. The wall color change and improve service forms a fundamental criterion of property photo editing services.

Indoor Light Optimize

real estate photo editing service

By using Lightroom software, experts at FixiPixi efficiently optimize the indoor lighting of the real estate property. Actual color and brightness are retouched to perfection, making your property more appealing to the eyes of your customers, grabbing their attention.

This real estate photo retouching service is beneficial as it helps enhance the lighting contrast of properties in your photos. By getting this professional service at FixiPixi, you will be guaranteed massive traffic of potential customers towards your properties. We have 10+ real estate photo editors in our house.

Vacation Rentals Property Photo Editing

vacation rental property photo editing

Poor quality photos could be the root cause of slow booking or reduced tourist engagement and interactions. Outsource hotels and vacation rental editing services to FixiPixi and let our experts do all the rectification and retouching while you sit back and relax.

Plus, our experienced specialists understand the limitations prevailing in your hotels and rental photos, both the interior and exterior parts, without compromising their original form. Upon editing, your photos will outshine all other properties of your competitors.

Real Estate Photo Editing Service

At Fixipixi we offer affordable real estate Photo editing service to our clients that require a professionally-made image for their real estate needs. We have dominated the market for Real Estate Image Editing for many years by keeping our experts up-to-date on the real estate business needs of our clients. We employ the best real estate graphics designers and regularly train them to keep abreast of changes and improvements in the real estate business.

cheap real estate photo editing

With over 5 years of being in the business, our Real Estate Photo Editing service has been the turning point of many success stories with our clients. Our specialists excel at editing you real estate images to give it that professional look that is bound to get your customers interested in the product you’re offering. We are dedicated to providing you with quality images that will make your real estate offering more appealing to prospective customers while also driving them towards making a favorable offer on your property listing.

Our team is composed of image-editing experts that are well experienced in Real Estate Photo Editing service in USA & canada. They make use of cutting-edge resources that bring out the beauty of your property listing while highlighting the key features that you want to present to your clients. We are dedicated to continually providing for your Real Estate Photo Editing needs at affordable prices that guarantee true value for your money. So if you need the best property photo editing service contact us!

Why do you need Real Estate Photo Editing Service

Real Estate Photo Editing is extremely important useful to real estate agents who want to give their business that extra edge that guarantees the conversion of prospects into certified clients. Our Real Estate Image Editing Service is geared towards catering for all your real estate photo editing needs while also ensuring that only the most professional and high-quality work is created for you. Our photo editing service will come in handy for all your pictures of buildings, architectures, resorts and interior/exterior designs that require professional retouching. We will make your pictures more attractive and colorful in such a way as to leave your customers with the intense need to acquire that piece of property.

At our photo editing company, our cheap Real Estate Photo Editing Service offers you the best blend of quality work coupled with cheap and affordable pricing. Our editing service will expand the scope and convert more sales for your business. We have worked with a large number of companies and private professional like you and we have always delivered beyond expectations. Our prices are specially formulated to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money without sacrificing the quality of work done. We take immense pride in being the leading authority on Photo Editing Service that is designed to be cheap and affable at a high standard of work quality

real estate photo editing service

Current trends in business require you to stay ahead of the curve by keeping abreast of new innovations in technology. Gone are the days when your real estate business required the services of a professional photographer that comes with overly cumbersome charges and conditions. Take full advantage of FixiPixi’s cheap Real Estate Image Editing Service today to give your property listing the required edge that will guarantee ROI conversions and quick sales. With us, you are assured that you’ll be getting top value for your money at rates that are friendly and affordable.

Our Customers Feedback

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Amanda Lee

Property Manager

The changes made on real estate photos are remarkable. Photos are fine-tuned and perfected based on what I wanted. Besides, they charge reasonable prices worth the quality. Honestly, FixiPixi is the best real estate image editing company I have ever worked with

FixiPixi Happy Customers

Adam Cheise

Propety photograpger

My online real estate business has significantly improved on the day I started working with FixiPixi. Their team of experts gives amazing photos that attract lots of customers who fall in love with my real estate properties. They are efficient and delivers fast services. Thanks for your continued amazing work!”


Most frequent questions and answers

Different companies charge different prices for real estate photo editing services. Some charge as high as $50 while others as less as $1 for a single photo edited. FixiPixi has, for a long time, known to provide the best and cheap real estate photo editing services globally. The amount charged reasonably fitting your budget.

Yes. Real Estate Photography is much gainful if you outsource photos to a professional editor who offers affordable real estate photography editing services. They should be well experienced and specialized in image retouching and fine-tunes them to perfection. This will give you high profits.

The editing process of a real estate begins with customers uploading their photos, provide additional instructions regarding how they need their photos to look like, what needs to be included, and those to be removed. After that, our experts with varied skills and specialized in different areas are assigned photos. Special tools like Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop software are used to perfect the images. Once the editing process is complete, the edited images are delivered to customers on a timely basis.

Color correction is as easy as changing the colors of real estate properties on the photos. This is done best as per the customers’ desires.

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