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Hey warm welcome, this is kaif from FixiPixi. Today I will share our real estate photo editing service details and share some interesting topics about the real estate industry in Canada. Do you know the Canadian real estate industry has begun to recognize the need for a photo editing service in order to compete in today’s digital age? It reports that according to The Economist, an estimated 80% of house hunters now use online search when seeking to buy or sell a home. The service utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide professional quality photos in the shortest time possible. For example, we can deliver high-resolution images within 24 hours. This real estate photo editing service in Canada is perfect for people who want to sell their house quickly but need it to look better than the other listings on the market.

real estate grass add service Canada

We offer a free trial service, so before ordering, you can see our work quality. We have a dedicated customer support team. They are always ready to provide you the best quality service. Get your free trial now!

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The need for high-quality photos of properties nationwide has lead to an increase in demand for real estate photography services. These services are offered by industry professionals who take pictures that accurately represent the property and its features, without any hidden surprises. In order for a real estate photo editing company to be successful, they must have a keen eye for detail and a lot of experience with various equipment and software packages.

When you want to sell or rent your home quickly and efficiently, it’s necessary to present it professionally. With our services, we take the hassle out of printing and framing so you can post pictures without worrying about how they look on social media.

The Real estate photo editing service that we provide is one of the most affordable in the industry. Our service will help you get positive results with your listings, while making each image look professional. With our team’s expertise and experience, you can be sure to have amazing quality without any problems.

Sky Replacement

The sky replacement for your real estate photo is more than a simple photoshop effect. It’s a complete and seamless, fully custom sky replacement with realistic colors, textures, and light angles. If your house or property doesn’t have the perfect sky, professional photographers can edit out unwanted shots and replace them with stunning skies.

Add real estate photo grass to your property or lawn today! Real estate photos of a home look a lot better with this ground cover. Create a beautiful lawn and curb appeal by providing an attractive green background for your tasteful photos. Grass add is a fresh and creative way to improve the appearance of your property. This living novelty adds an appealing color and texture contrast to any lawn. Grass add will give you a yard that screams character and style plus it has great health benefits too! A lush landscape is not only good for the environment but good for sales as well!

Remove Unwanted Object

Removing unwanted objects from real estate photos is a great way to make the property look more appealing and sell faster. Not everyone can take care of unwanted items in their own homes, and many people in the industry prefer not to purchase properties that have clutter or personal belongings in them. A quick fix can solve these issues quickly and easily!

Lawn and Graden

Make your outdoor spaces look better than ever! Our graphic designers are ready to turn muddy, overgrown gardens into beautiful, manicured escapes. Photo retouching for lawns and gardens are one of the most popular services. There are many benefits to photo retouching your property’s lawn or garden, including: -Making imperfections you may not have noticed before disappear, like patches in the grass, tall weeds by fences, overgrown bushes, etc.

HDR Photo Edit

HDR photo editing is a great way to show off your home or property. HDR editing enhances outdoor light and color, while filtering out the harsh glare of the sun’s direct rays. These techniques preserve desirable natural lighting without sacrificing detail in hard-to-capture areas such as shadows. The result is a professional photo that showcases your property at its best!

Brigtness and Contrase Adjust

Making your online properties more appealing and easily accessible is our goal. We would like to help you by fixing the color in any of your photos that need correcting. Our team will then send it back to you for review before making any changes if need be. This service also includes a digital file and many other adjustments such as contrast, brightness, and saturation levels so rest assured we’ll get the job done!

Flambient blending

Flambient blending is a new and exciting way to add depth and detail to your photos. When you take a photo, you don’t get the full capture of what’s in front of your eyes. There’s always something missing because there are so many things happening at once. Flambient blending gives you an additional set of photoshop tools that let you blend colors together in order to create more realistic images with better depth, light, focus and color content.

Why you should choose us.

Every real estate photo editing service promises to deliver professional results, but we don’t just promise it, we show you. As a photographer and advertising creative director that has been in the industry for more than 5 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top brands and creative teams in Toronto, Vancouver, Canada. Whether it’s a famous model or musician- these days all celebrities are looking better than ever thanks to me!

Your prospective buyers are going to spend hours online poring over listings on Zillow or, so you need to ensure that your property stands out from the rest with high-quality images that accurately reflect its intricacies and features as well as convey its positive attributes.

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