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Why FixiPixi Is Best for Ecommerce Photo Editing Services?

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FixiPixi photo editing company is exceptional when it comes to e-commerce photo editing services because of its unique way of service delivery. Below are some of the reasons that make it outstanding compared to its competitors.

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How it work?

Affordable Costs

We offer top-quality services at a cost-friendly price of as slow as $0.49 per image. This is the lowest price per image because other companies charge slightly higher than us.

Quality Services

What makes an organization maintain their customer relationship is the quality of the services they get. We are popular because we offer our clients high-quality services consistently. Our staff is made up of skilled and experienced personnel who are committed to seeing our clients prosper in their e-commerce activities

Timely Delivery of Services

Our team of experts never let you down when it comes to the delivery of services. We work tirelessly and meet timelines according to your needs. Our staff does not gamble with the job because they are professionals in the industry. Lastly, our company enjoys maximum data security to our customers. This is a major problem our competitors face. We have modern and advanced security systems that give hackers no room to infiltrate their data.


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Apparel & Clothing

If your apparel photos are of poor quality for your e-commerce store, worry not because we provide you with a permanent solution. We offer apparel photo editing services in multiple types of dresses. If you need background removal, ghost mannequin, color correction, and many more, book with us and you will never regret it.

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Food and edibles photo editing service is also another on-demand service and we do exactly what you want. Our expert photo enhancers use their experience to give you an optimal output. We can photo retouch all types of food items ranging from dairy items, sweets and savories, and many more.


We also offer shoe photo editing services because this category is an on-demand e-commerce product. We can do shoe correction, line drawing, shoe retouching, or image background removal. Our staff has professionals that are capable of getting you the best shoe product output regardless of its complexity.

Luxury Fashion

We have the most trusted experts who ensure that your photos get some touch-ups which makes them appealing to the target audience. Don’t get into the business and start sharing unedited images because most of them come with a unique charm. However, they may not be ideal in passing your marketing intention to the target clients. Consult us for this professional luxury fashion editing service.


For the model enthusiast, we are there for you. We have a team of experienced personnel who are equipped with advanced retouching techniques that will make your photos extremely eye-catching. Even if you have the best shots from the photographer, once you share them with us, you will notice significant changes to your photos according to your needs.


Online stores have reported a surge in demand for cosmetic products. We are there to offer you the most engaging product photos of cosmetic products. They include body cream, lipstick, skin moisturizer, body lotion, and many other cosmetic products. Our product photo editing service experts optimize your cosmetic products by adding a shadow, changing colors, etc. 


A lot of furniture sellers have migrated to trade their furniture products online. This is because the current world turning digital. At FixiPixi, we have professionals that can work on your furniture photos. We deal with furniture photos of cupboard, sofa, table chair, bookshelf, dressing table and many more. Once you share your photos with us expect nothing other than quality photos.

Select the Right Camera


E-stores have had an increase in sales of electronic items such as computers, cameras, cellphones, and many more. That is why there is a need for product photo editing services to get the highest sales. We are committed to photo retouch all sorts of electronic items, we also enhance your electronic photo products by cleaning, removing blemish, etc.

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Our services are also inclusive and exceptional when it comes to the industrial sector. We have highly skilled personnel that can interpret all your specific needs and edit all your industrial product phots. You will appreciate the turnaround time because of our expertise. Feel free and trust us with your product photos anytime.

Our E-Commerce Photo Editing Service

Once you take shots of your products, the photos contain many defects. These defects cannot be rectified with a single method. They need a lot of photo editing services so that they can achieve the desired standards for e-commerce purposes. Here we have listed a number of our e-commerce photo editing services that we offer.

We offer multiple e-commerce photo editing services. Our professionals work on your product photos according to your demands so you should feel comfortable when working with us. Let’s see some of the e-commerce photo editing services that we offer below and how best we can assist your online business to grow.

The wow factor is very attractive to customers if it is included in e-commerce product photos. The professional touch is a requirement for any online product photos because they become more compelling. At FixiPixi, we offer product photo enhancement services and photo retouching to make your photos more interesting.

Apparel products need this magnificent service. We offer this service by removing the mannequin and also exposing the hidden parts of jackets, t-shirts, and pants. We create a ghost mannequin hence there is no need for you to use a dummy when displaying your products. Once you choose our services, our professionals will attend to all your demands and address them accordingly.

Adding Shadows & Reflections

Consequently, we are ideal when it comes to adding shadows and reflections to your product photo images. We make your product photos realistic through our skilled staff who add the right shadow effect on your product photos that are opaque. Our skilled experts include various shadows such as natural, reflection, and drop shadows. We can equally have the original shadow retained as our service.

Color Change and Correction

Many product photos require these services if they are meant to increase traffic. We edit these product images to produce multiple colors. Sometimes, some product elements can mismatch and colors may not match with either the foreground or background. Therefore, here is where we come in, we offer color change and correction services

Furniture Photo Editing

We provide furniture photo editing services to our clients. Our company has skilled and talented individuals that provide you bright and clear furniture photos. Once you have such photos on your e-commerce platform, you will realize a surge in sales and that is what any business person desires. Ensure you book a date with us and enjoy the services as well.

Our product photo editing service experience has given our staff enough expertise to offer your photos a better life. We edit your product images professionally to be more attractive and anyone can like them on Amazon or eBay. We are committed to optimizing your product photos for e-commerce and our services are timely always.

Clipping path service works to further the customizations. Our clipping experts take up the clipping technique by use of basic add-ons. When making the last cut, they use the elements inside the path. This process is effective when you want to display subjects in various contextual settings and is hand-drawn

Remove dust & liquefying

Product photos may contain dust particles, spots, and scratches. The product photos cannot be used on e-commerce platforms with such dust particles and spots. At FixiPixi, we offer dust removal and liquefying services using various photoshop tools. Our professionals ensure that your product gets a brand-new look.

Background change

Your product photo’s overall appearance depends on its background. Imperfect background can make your perfect shot product photo not appealing to clients. We don’t want to see this happen, that is why we offer background change services by changing the background. Consequently, we can replace your background with the one that fits your photo. For e-commerce shops, our team of professionals can change the background to white background.

Model photo editing

Because many imperfections arise when photographers take their shots, there is a need to outsource your photos to us for photo editing. Sometimes heavy makeups can cause these imperfections but worry less because, at FixiPixi, our professionals use advanced retouching techniques to make them perfect. The techniques include; skin toning, eyes enlargement, the addition of digital make-up among others.

Apparel shaping

The e-commerce and retail industries significantly sell clothing and accessories. This is the reason that many of those businesses need to display their apparel photos attractively to get more clients. At FixiPixi, we offer apparel shaping editing services at affordable prices. Once you venture into this business, consider involving our services always.

360 Degree photo editing

This rotating photography is used by e-commerce companies to display their items. This sales-boosting service is achieved by creating 3D photography from at least 6 shots of your product taken from various angles. We then retouch them carefully to ensure that the labels and packages are not damaged.

Photo composition

We are determined to see your e-commerce activities prosper in the best way possible. At FixiPixi product photo editing company, we use our experts to transform your ordinary shots into an excellent composition that any potential clients will like. We can also design, retouch and manipulate many shots of a single product to produce a perfect single image.

Jewelry products are on-demand in the e-commerce sector. That is why any investor in the business should look for professional product photo editing service providers to enable them to remain relevant. We help in retouching and color correction thanks to our skilled and professional staff. Share with us your product photos and the turnaround will amaze you.

Luxury Goods

Everybody wants something presentable when it comes to relaxing and enjoying with friends or family. That is why if you want to go far with this e-commerce business, you need to ensure that the shots taken are properly edited to give your products an appealing look. We offer luxury goods editing services for you at a cheaper price.

Motor Parts & Machinery

At FixiPixi, you will be getting all your motor parts and machinery edited. We offer services to the automobile as well as multiple household machinery. Whenever you of investing in these e-commerce activities, we should be your number one editing service provider and not afterthoughts. We can edit machines such as computers and other machines.

Why FixiPixi

We have comprehensively, discussed some of the services that the FixiPixi product photo editing company provides. What is outstanding is the fact that FixiPixi offers the best and cheap e-commerce photo editing services. 

Now it’s your turn to venture into the e-commerce sector and let FixiPixi be your choice when it comes to choosing the best e-commerce photo editing service provider for your product photos.

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