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FixiPixi is committed to providing the best photo editing service in London, Uk. We have 30+ in-house professionals photo editors that provide you an outstanding image editing service.


Why FixiPixi is the Best Photo Editing Service in the UK

Fixipixi is the best because of its professionalism. It is a prominent photo editing company because of its high-quality services to the customers. Photo editing service London,UK offers some services, including clipping path services uk, cheap photo retouching, photo editing services, image resizing, photo cut-out, image colorization, image masking, real estate photo editing UK, and other multiple photo customization activities.

The brand incredibly works to provide the best services and deliver the orders on time. This ensures that the company’s clients succeed and focus on the growth of their business. Fixipixi is famous for image retouching, significantly when the existing picture doesn’t feature the expected image quality.

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Sometimes people may wish to have significant effects on their pictures, and the only reliable and best partner is through image editing services in the UK. Photo editing involves nothing else rather than adding some new and innovative features to an existing picture.

A photographer will experience hassles when editing and retouching many pictures without image editing services. Image editing requires a lot of focus and creativity; hence, it needs experience.

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Photoshop Services

Fixipixi Image editing services in the United Kingdom handle a wide range of photoshopping services to ensure that you get the required image quality. Doing so will leave your images without technical errors, lighting errors, blemishes, color mismatch, stains, among other problems. Therefore, trust us with your photo or photos for an appealing and convincing touch.

Photo clipping path services involve one to capture and process the image to enhance intensity. Sometimes maximum and minimum power fail a photographer, and therefore, an image editing company must make clip the photo to make it appealing. Remember, it is hassle-free to create a path in a clear image. However, it is also possible to fix a path in an unclear image.

Photo Retouching UK

We can also refer to photo retouching services as Airbrushing or image retouching. It merely involves manipulating a photograph to twist the subject’s appearance. This photo editing company will ensure that your image pop-in print. The manipulations will ensure that your image gets a soft and desired touch.

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Jewelery Retouching UK

Jewelry photo editing is another type of service that we offer to our customers. The service involves smoothening and enriching a particular jewelry photo, leaving it with the desired look. Therefore, if you wish to start a jewelry shop, request this company for attractive and convincing pictures. The company will make appealing jewelry images to your customers.

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Real State Photo Editing UK

Jewelry photo editing is another type of service that we offer to our customers. The service involves smoothening and enriching a particular jewelry photo, leaving it with the desired look. Therefore, if you wish to start a jewelry shop, request this company for attractive and convincing pictures. The company will make appealing jewelry images to your customers.

wedding photo retouching

Weeding Photo Ediitng UK

We are in the festive season, and maybe you need wedding photo editing services. Don’t worry because Fixipixi image editing service has you back. Surprise your lads with appealing and attractive photos from us. This service involves enhancing the color, brightness, and background of the wedding photos. Our vision is to produce quality photos that our customers can frame for future remembrance.

Photo Background Remove UK

Sometimes you may wish to change or enhance the background of the image. Don’t hesitate to make an order because it is possible. The service works in conjunction with hand made clipping path technology in replacing or removing the background of photos. It is necessary, especially in advertisement companies’ pre-production services, publishing houses, photo studios, and many others.

best photo restoration services

Photo Restoration Service in Uk

Photo restoration is another service that you can depend on us. This process involves restoring images that have been either damaged, human-made, or naturally. We are here for you to fix the life of your damaged, faded, cracked photographs. Doing so will allow you to preserve unforgettable memories for some years. You don’t have to wait until the image is badly destroyed; trust us with such problems, and we will deliver our best. Besides, please don’t throw away a photo because it is damaged; we can fix such issues to make sure you have your photos for some years.

car photo

Car Photo Editing Service

The last service on our list is the car photo editing service. It involves enhancing and improving car photos with image software, editors, filters, and other tools. Therefore, if you are a car dealer, we can take beautiful photos to attract your customers. We will transform your image using multiple methods and techniques to make it better than the original one. It is advisable to use appealing advertisement pictures to attract the attention of customers. Furthermore, you may also need a nice photo to keep as a car owner. We are here for you.


Ecommerce Product Retouching

We will also provide you with cost-effective and high-quality eCommerce product photo retouching and editing services.The service provider can provide you with compelling product photos for multiple verticals such as Furniture, Jewelry, apparel, automobiles, electronics, cosmetic products, and others. We ensure that our customers stick around through the desired quality eCommerce product photo editing service.

Background changing and removal of shoe photo editing service

Shoe/Footware Photo Editing

I remember telling you that this company provides a wide range of photo editing services in the UK. Shoe photo editing is another service that you will enjoy from this company. You are a shoe shiner, or you have a wholesale, you need high-quality images for advertisement. Persuading customers has never been easy, but FixiPixi can quickly achieve this.

Cloth Photo Editing Service

This service slightly differs from option five. It involves enhancing and changing the color of the cloth to make it attractive. Using high-quality images to reach out to customers will make them try your services. So, this company makes sure that your boutique gives the best to your customers. 


Fixipixi image editing service provider remains the best company ever because we try our best to make each shot flawless, impeccable, and perfect. We have innovative and creative experts to provide appealing solutions for the growth of your business.  Some of the other reasons that customers stick around us include;


Our vision is to provide high-quality image editing services to our customers. It is also our wish to make sure that you receive the images on time. We have a creative design team.

Dedicated support

As I have said above, Fixipixi works 24/7 to ensure that our customers access the services comfortably. This means that you can call us or send an email to check on your project's progress.


We are capable of processing a large number of images in a day. For this reason, we are far from our counterparts on the market. Besides, we ensure that you receive your project on time.

How to Get Your Quote

Getting our services isn’t that difficult because we offer 24/7 customer care services. Requesting assistance is very easy because it only involves a few steps to initiate project service requests or individual services. We will also offer 2 free trails, so you can check our quality before place the final order.

Besides, you can slide in our email and send us your image(s) plus instructions. After we are through image inspection, the next thing will be to make a quick and simple image based on your instructions.

You will have to check the image as per our price. The company’s price quote is fair, and you will get what you pay for. So don’t worry about wasting your money on such useful services. If the image sample and price quite amaze you, you will have to send all your images through

We will work on them and make sure we get back to you on time. We will request you to place some deposits before our editors kick-of the process.


Most frequent questions and answers

Reaching us is very simple; let us connect via email, and we will direct you. Send the images you want to use to work on via the WeTrwansfer files and DropBox,

Yes, we try as much as possible to make sure we are there for our customers when needs arise. Call or email us anytime for inquiries.

Yes, but this doesn’t mean we are limited to these services. We can offer some other photo editing services that are not on the above list.

Yes, we are dedicated to professional experts to ensure that we provide the best for our customers.

Yes, Fixipixi has experts who are the best in the production of photos for banners.

Yes we provide up to 50% discount for bulk order.

Any Questions?

Digital came with various changes that we must abide by to survive in this 21st century. Photo editing is one of the developing technologies in the photography industry. From the above report, you can realize that Fixipixi offers various services 24/7. The brand ensures that you enjoy high-quality image editing services in London. You can get appealing and attractive photos for multiple purposes.

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