Are you still looking for apt furniture photographs for your eCommerce business without a catch? Well, it’s time to make your furniture products stand out and outshine your competitors. Furniture photography plays an essential role in providing quality, presentable, and eye-catchy pictures for an online business.


Moreover, taking photos of your piece of furniture is not enough. In other words, it requires a professional image editing service for better results. Perhaps you have no idea where to begin, and that’s where this article comes in. It features essential furniture photography ideas and photo editing tips you need to make your furniture photos outstanding. So, let’s get started.

Furniture Photography Ideas

We all wish to get correctly captured photos of furniture pieces, right? If you want to make that possible, you’ll have to create a list of professional ideas to help you out. It comprises primary preparation, the necessary photography gear, researching other things. The opinions are as follows:

Do Proper Research:-

The first and crucial thing to do is researching the market and your competitors’ abilities. By doing so, you will understand and create an ideal way or means for promoting your products. Besides, it helps you identify a niche, spot out your target market, and know their demands. More importantly, it will help you find the best way to capture your furniture products for your customers and generally increase sales.

Choose an ample space to work from:-

It is critical to identify a suitable space from which you will capture the images of the furniture. Some people would prefer a photo studio while others create an area for the shooting. Regardless of the place you choose, ensure it has a relatively large space for adequate room for capturing the photos. If you are dealing with small pieces of furniture, select a perfect area for the task.

furniture photography

Furthermore, be sure your set studio has enough light for the visibility and clarity of the photos. Natural light is often the best buddy for photography but always avoid direct sunlight. In case the light intensity is low, or it’s getting dark, use artificial lighting materials such as softbox lights, backdrops, umbrella lights, and others. This will help enhance the amount of light for a better impact on the entire shooting process.

Get your furniture ready:

Before starting any photo-shoots, be sure your furniture products are indeed ready. Now, how do you make this happen? The first thing to do is eliminate any forms of scratches, dust, or stains from the furniture you want to take photos. Besides that, repair and remove any flaws that may affect the look of the furniture in photos. You can polish and avail them for photography.

Avail all the photography gear:-

The next thing is to assemble all the items and tools you’ll need for the image capturing process. This involves getting the right camera, tripod stand, lighting, lenses, and other necessary accessories. Be sure that the tripod stands you select is sturdy enough to give you a steady hands-free shooting. The best part is, it allows you to optimize the camera settings for top-notch shoots.

Use the right camera lenses:-

If you want to get furniture photos with incredible quality, you need to choose the best camera lens. You can use the internet to search for the quality camera lens suitable for the task.

Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens

Typically, the right camera lens for furniture photography should range from 30mm to 70mm. Such a lens guarantees you less image distortion hence great photos.

Adopt several shooting angles:-

When taking a product photo, it’s essential to capture them from multiple angles. This way, you won’t miss any vital part or feature of the furniture. Plenty of professional photographers agree that this approach is the best for obtaining better captions. As a result, you can decide what angle is best for your product photo.

Make captions with objects or people:

Another best way to promote your online furniture business is by making the photos look real. In other words, capture pictures of your piece of furniture showing people and other subjects sitting atop. They make the captions look impressive and outstanding. At the same time, your audience can easily visualize how the product will fit their needs.

Professional Photo Editing Tips

Editing your furniture images is a must-do task that finalizes the photography process. If done poorly, even the most outstanding photos get damaged. That’s not the thing you’ll want. Some people may seek for professional image editing services from other companies or individuals. Others prefer to do the editing process by themselves. The following editing tips or services are mandatory for your furniture product photos.

  • Background removal

Are you want to make your furniture very impressive to your potential buyers? If yes, you’ll need the background removal service. It is a standard service that gives your images a unique setting and professional touch that catches the buyer’s attention. The good thing is, it helps enhance and focus the look of your furniture.

  • Adjust brightness and contrast

Here, you’ll need to give your furniture in the photos a proper contrast and brightness. As a result, this technique ensures that the customers get the furniture’s exact appearance and make them feel comfortable.

  • Increase the image’s resolution

Usually, the resolution of an image defines its quality. In this case, increasing the resolution helps to give the furniture a luxurious and professional look desired by many buyers. It’s the best way to transform a picture with low resolution to one with high-resolution. Therefore, it enhances the quality and overall look of the furniture photo, which attracts potential buyers.

  • Give the furniture image a 3D appearance

Giving a product a three-dimensional look is the currently trending best way of making the image outstanding. It’s unique and provides plenty of attention to your furniture. In this case, a 3D model service provider will help achieve this great look.

  • Photo resizing

Another tricky secret of product photography is to present your images using the same size. However, be sure not to compromise quality when doing so. Professional editors have the best tools that help in changing the image’s size without any distortion.


To this end, that’s all we have on furniture ideas and photo editing tips for taking your photography skills to the next level. They are simple to understand and will enable you to make your website look unique. Undoubtedly, they will help you increase your customer base and boost sales at large—best of luck putting the ideas and tips in play.

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