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Ecommerce photo editing & clipping service

A well-detailed product photo can increase your sales. So every e-commerce owner should choose best ecommerce photo clipping service to attract more customers. FixiPixi ecommerce image retouching services are here for you. We are specialized in image editing for ecommerce products like furniture, jewellery, beauty, among others. Our services include, clipping path, background removal, Image masking, shadow making, colour correction, image manipulation, ecommerce retouching, ecommerce image optimizes for the web, ecommerce image crop and more…

This service is the process of creating images that are attractive by the use of Photoshop. Customers prefer what is appealing and attractive to their eyes. And good quality product work leads to web traffic, increase sales, and boost business development. Our main goal in the editing process is to present products that look natural but in an attractive way.

ecommerce photo ediitng service

Why ecommerce requires Photo Editing

Clipping path is the process that involves background removal of the image by the use of Adobe Photoshop tools. The whole process allows one to change or cut the background of the photo and replace it with another image. In ecommerce, clipping is essential because photos are used in advertisements, and if they are not well clopped, they might negatively affect the business.

ecommerce product images optimize
ecommerce photo optimize

Remove Unwanted Object

It is challenging to take a perfect image. The background of the image may have spots, dust, and blemish, which may make the image appear to be of low quality. It will obstruct the viewers’ attention from the image. Photo retouching is essential in removing these objects and make it appear to be of high quality.

make the product image pop up

Natural human eyes are attracted to what is colorful. Image retouching is done to the image to attract the attention of the viewers. The remove of background object and pop up the image will draw the attention of prospective customers. With ecommerce clipping paths make the image eye-catching.

increases conversations & sales rate

A quality product photo can help you to increase your store sales and business value. With the clipping path and retouching service makes a stunning photo that helps in sales at the same time increases the conversation rates within the business.

consistent lookout on the product items

Online store photo clipping path service makes your images background white, and this makes the products look different from the original one. The white background helps create an identity of the brand that people can easily identify with your business.

Our Service

We are determined to offering various services. Our services include:-

Ecommerce clipping path

Ecommerce websites rely on various services in order to entice their customers to buy products from their sites. Our online retail store clipping service helps in bringing the desired effects of the product image without bargaining its quality. It allows in drawing the customer’s attention and information written on the product. Our services activate the minds of our customers and urge them to buy the product without hesitation.

Ecommerce background remove

Clipping path is essential in background removal. At times there are some unwanted objects that might make your background appear seamless. At this stage, you need the services of ecommerce background remove service to keep your product at a high quality. Images that are contradicting with your foregrounds and backgrounds are accessible to clip-path. High quality and polished effects are achieved with our services.

Ecommerce retouching

Image background removal​

To make the product image attractive and look more stunning, retouching is a must-do in your clipping path. The image retouching is essential in various fields more especially on beauty ecommerce, jewelry, cloth, furniture, architecture, office furniture among, electronic gadgets and other fields. The image retouch is done to enhance the image and make it look more appealing to customers.

Neck Joint Service

The neck joint is most require in clothing photo retouching, especially in the garment industry. It involves retouching the neck areas of the garment to make it appear to customers. Our professionals do modern ecommerce image editing to increase the quality of the image. Through this, the image background is also improved. We have 5 professional experts that have only expert in neck joint.

Product color correction

Various products come in different colors. As a business individual, you need to advertise all of them on your website. It is not a must to take photos of all the various products. By using a product color correction service, it will help you in editing the multiple colors. The color correction services enable image editors to correct the product image quickly. We will also provided product color change service.

Clipping with shadow

Clipping a shadow on the product image can make it look better. It makes the visualization powerful, something that cannot be done by photographing the product. The shadow can be a natural shadow, drop, cast, or reflection shadow. Every shadow has a unique effect on the various product. Clipping with a shadow shows some connection between the item and the background in a more and careful way.

Ecommerce multi clipping

Ecommerce Multi Clipping​

The demand for multi clipping has dramatically increased in this 21st century. The process involves where multiple crops create clipping on images. With it, you can change the trail of the photo, the image and also make it more appealing. With multi clipping, one can bring more changes to the image in a concise period. Our experts can help you in the multi filling, change the image dimensions, adjust the photo opacity, among other services.  

Ecommerce photo manipulation


This involves where the output image has high quality than the original photo. No matter how non-straight your image is, our services can make it look regular. Here we use manipulation software like illustrators, Photoshop, among others, in improving the image quality. So if you will need to manipulation your online store photos please contact us. We will provide you the top-class e-commerce photo manipulation service.

Photoshop masking service

image masking service2-min

This service is popular among many people because it gives the image a new look. It is done more, especially on a facial product that is intended to change a demonstration look. It will help you erase the image, color mask, improve the transparency, and colors. Engaging the viewpoint on the photo, it attracts the attention of the customers who mostly prefer a sharp and straight forward product.

Web Image Optimize

This is the process of reducing the image size without affecting its quality. This process is crucial in the ecommerce web. Fixipixi designers are experienced in optimizing the image and make it ideal for your web. The image is optimized to the required size and format. The image will be of the right size and help your website to load faster and improve your SEO ranking.

Ecommerce image crop & Resize

Success in ecommerce involves the use of best techniques that are intelligent in product use. The image size matters a lot to your online business. Image resizing and cropping is a pioneer in this case. A good cropped resized and well centric image is ideal for your commerce. Image cropping services decorate the image and reduce the unnecessary objects from your image.

Furniture image retouching

Image retouching essentially means changing the furniture image and make it more clean and refined. The existing furniture image is edited, polished, and make it focused. With our services, we provide 100 unique assurance ecommerce product image editing services as per our customer’s wish. If you have not found your desire photo retouching service please contact us.

Sample Images

Why you should choose Us

ecommerce image clipping

Hand Made Clipping Path

Fixipixi always delivers a manual handmade clipping path services that you will be proud of at any time. Our services don’t use any automatic services in every service we offer. Our professional designers are the best because they always deliver eye-catching work. Our experience in the services has proved to be working for us. Our work is unique and handmade, which is of high quality. The manual work doesn’t compromise our quality. The quality is high, and the photos hoped or clipped product images are of high quality.

100 % Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Quality and customer satisfaction is the last thing that our team put into consideration. Fixipixi doesn’t compromise the quality at any moment. Highly qualified and experienced experts do our service. We deliver 100% unique manual works. We have a team of experts who checks the work more than three times once completed.

Timely Delivery

Time is an essential factor in anything we do. With our high-quality services and affordable price, we deliver our work on time with our clients. Despite the high number of works in photography and online business we deal with, our designers are able to deliver on time, and this should not worry you.

6+ Years of Experience

They say experience always matters in any work. Our photo editors have an experience of more than five years in the field. This is an assurance that our work has been of top-notch. Once the work is completed, it is multi checked by various photo editors to ensure that the required quality has been achieved.

24/7 Hours Support Team

Our professional team is available in 24 hours to offer the best services to our customers. You can reach us at any time with any questions or services. The team is so dedicated to giving out the best services to clients who are looking for our help.